Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's school holidays.....

So Madison is up in sunny Qld..... here she is (on the left) with Emily (also escaping the winter).

Isn't it amazing that even nowadays girls dress similarly when going out - they look like twins!

They were enjoying a day out at Dreamworld.

I know this must look a bit rude.... or sick :)

I am not normally into watching BUT this was just so funny!

Louis our DESEXED Siamese was franticly trying to please Millie who was hot to trot - the only thing was he didn't know what to do.

He kept biting her neck and then stood on her haunches but that was it - he had no idea that his bits had to get near hers.

So she did the only thing she could do and tried to escape out our door (any door) to visit the boys who knew exactly what to do .... and who were waiting.

I have to say I am sad to see some things go....

This Salt & Pepper set went to a good home last week..... it was a great talking point - everyone had an opinion of it's past and it was nice to imagine.

General concensous was that it's previous life was on a Ship or Airplane - although the Ship idea was the most popular.

Each Salt & Pepper shaker was individually marked and they were quite heavy.

The lady bought them as a gift for her mum to use with her family at Christmas time. She says her mum will love being able to give an individual S&P to each person when they have their Xmas lunch.

One of my finds.....

While showing Mum and Co around Deloraine I picked up this retro vase.

It was soooo heavy that I didn't even check underneath until I got home (I just liked the look of it) and asked Michael to do it for me.

Low and behold it was a Lapid Vase.... needless to say it was snapped up within minutes of hitting my stall by "How Bazaar".

Its amazing that the second hand shop I bought it from obviously doesn't research it's items - lucky me!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

They won! Golden Goal!!

Gees we parents are dedicated!

On the wettest Saturday in Launceston the Westside Daredevils had to play the final of the McDonald Cup.

The Daredevils had won every match bar 1 and the team they lost to was the team they played in the final RO Sharks.

Contention was still in play about the league ladder because although the Daredevils only lost one game (as did RO Sharks to the Daredevils)they scored 16 more goals for the season. Because RO Sharks played one extra game than EVERY team in Under 10's Div 1 they "technically" won. It was an act "of God" according to the powers that be.


Anyhow our boys were determined to win! And of course as parents we were encouraging them from the side line!

Madison and I both were very vocal and we all wondered whether she would have a voice on Sunday - but she did.

Our boys were the better side (of course) throughout the match and scored 2 early goals before being pegged back to finish 2 all.

So it was 5 mins each side - Golden Goal (only I didn't really understand that) and we played 5 minutes - changed sides and then after some more intense play a goal was scored!! I thought they had to keep playing but no - it was all over - they were the champions!!!

So even though through an "act of god" they were denied the league winners they certainly proved that they deserved to win all round!!

The Gorge at its best!

They were here.... then they were gone!

My Mum, Janet, Granny G, and Aunty Margaret came to visit for a week.

So as usual we tried to fit in as much of Launceston and surrounding districts as we could and made sure they were tired and weary when they went back to hot, humid QLD.

Here they are in a lovely cafe in George St, Launceston - Granny G has celiacs and this cafe has the most devine glouten free deserts and lunches.

If you would like to try the lovely treats (celiacs or not) go here in George St, Launceston - the service is friendly and the food is wonderful!