Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Premises .... New Look Blog..... New Items....

Things have been hectic in the new Premises and 
Blogging certainly hasn't been on my radar of late!

We have had many compliments on the new shop
and only a few have preferred the other location.

We are welcoming new clients in on a daily basis who
live in town and who hadn't seen the other shop.
Its amazing what being on the other corner
 means for business!

Anyhow here are some of our newer items in store now!

TAA Wedgwood dish, teaspoon and bottle opener.

A fixture in store - our straw filled rocking horse 
with the Walnut Tilt-top Dining Table
as backdrop.

A pair of Art Nouveau Copper Vases with an assortment of
Glass Insulators - there is an amazing array
of information on the web about Insulators.... who would have known
they are so collectable!

A lovely Apprentice Table - created by an apprentice to a master
craftsman - lovely patina and age to this piece.

A Hand Painted Blue Venetian Glass Decanter Set.

Mackenzie's idea for how you could use these blue porcelain
Insulators..... great Tim Tam holder!

Large Retro Orange Vase - particularly attractive.

Honey colored glass Epergne and bowl set

SylvaC Owl Jug in great condition

He is rather handsome.

Shabby Chic Kitchen Dresser - much nicer in real life!

Anyhow would love some feedback on the new look!