Monday, September 13, 2010

Under strict instructions!!

Madison and Mackenzie are in sunny Queensland
for 9 days visiting their Grandparents and my brother and his family.
My parents know that they are required to deliver
my two back to us safe and sound!
Yet every time they get together they get up to no good!
Mackenzie (when in nappies and not even talking) was lost on a beach
on the Gold Coast and was found near an unfenced Hotel Pool!!!
You can imagine what I had to say then!
Madison has come home from shopping with Nana with a photo
of a BIG snake around her neck.....
and Mackenzie went to a fair with Nana....
again when he was a toddler... and not only did he have to go
 up to the stage and report his Nana LOST
(and gave a great description of what she was wearing),
he was taken for a ride on a Harley Davidson!!! And the helmet was too big!
And they tell us we have to be responsible parents!
For those of you who know Redcliffe/Clontarf and the foreshore.....
this is my son Mackenzie with his cousin Travis..... half way to Brisbane....
NO life jackets.... NO parental supervison!

My Mum tells me the man on the left is a doctor.... great.... hope he can swim!
In the background is the bridge to Brisbane.

No sun top....

Lovely Day....

Madison and her cousin Emily setting up for Emily's Granpa's 80th Birthday.

Madison, Nana (Naughty Nana), and Emily

Thursday, September 9, 2010

For King & Country .....

 What a handsome chappy he is!
This is purported to be a local Perth Tas gentleman who went to war.
It is in its original war frame and in great condition for the age.

Lead Soldiers made by Britains Ltd....
Note the riflemen, machine gun operators and infantry.

A 1960's McDonnell Douglas Phantom 11
These models were used to sell the planes to governments etc
or given to pilots who flew them over a period of time.

The FE 2B Pusher Bi Plane is handmade
and has a rotary engine which enabled it to cool.
Note the propellor behind the wings.

This handmade Bristol Fighter is one of the
fleet from the Royal Air Force Bombing Squadron.