Thursday, April 28, 2011

Feeding time...... new additions.....

Its always exciting when we get new pieces in....
researching and cleaning take up most of the time....
This time I made sure I took photo's as I went so
I didn't forget to show you all the goodies....

This is a lovely Vintage Plaster piece which I have called
"Feeding Time"
Lovely lustre to the paint and nice detail. 

An old bone chine Cruet Set

Handpainted Milk Glass Vase c1930's

1930's Art Deco Newtone Art Ware Bakewell, Sydney Vase

Vintage Brass Crab Ashtray

Vintage Brass Bellows Lighter..... really unusual!

Retro colored Pooles Pottery Pot

This is one of my favourite clever things......
Serving Bowl, plates and tray.....
Look what happens when you put it together!

Isn't it gorgeous??
How clever and really nice to present nibbles or cocktails in....

Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Original Tassie Apple Labels..... different than before!

I thought I had better get back to business on my blog.....
Too much family stuff! - my husband would say!

Anyhow there seems to be nothing more colorful
than original Tassie Apple & Pear Labels....

I have blogged on some before but these are new in 
and different..... the art work on some is fantastic!

This is probably my favourite!

Port Huon Fruitgrowers

This is particularly unusual - East Tamar and lovely artwork.

I don't mean to be rude but Lalla always reminds me of the Teletubbies!!
Tinky winky, Dipsy, La La and Po.....
I did happen to watch it just a few times when Madison was little.....

Three different Lalla Labels.....

A Seal..... nice original Tasmanian Label

This is another of my favourites.... love the color and design....

Blue Moon (Tasmania) Pty Ltd, Hobart

Great to brighten up a kitchen, bar, shed or anywhere
that needs cheering up!

Hope to see you soon....

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More snaps of Mackenzie in action......

These photo's were taken by a professional photographer
at the recent "Centenary Cup" held in Wollongong.
Mackenzie was representing Northern Tasmania.

They are great shots.... I particularly like this one.....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mackenzie & Michael are back from Sydney!

After a very full on 7 days away the boys returned Saturday night.


The funny thing was that the West Coast Eagles were at Launceston Airport
waiting to board their plane to Perth, WA.
Mackenzie & Michael's plane was delayed....
which meant that when they landed the WCE
were already downstairs waiting to board.

Luckily I managed to get Nic Naitanui's signature on his picture
on the back of the Examiner plus Dean Cox and heaps
 of other players that I recognised
but couldn't put a name to......
Not a very good Eagles supporter am I??

Anyhow Mackenzie waived to Nic through the glass
 and Nic waived back..... how nice.

Joe, Michael and Mackenzie..... and the Nike Mercurial Safari boot.....
Not available in Australia..... imported from the UK.....
And a boy on another team was wearing a pair..... :)

Isn't he gorgeous.... handsome......

I am glad to have them home.....
Although the peace and quiet was nice....
As was the kitchen that remained clean and tidy......
But it was starting to get cooler so I was glad to get my hot water bottle back!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter elegance......

I have had my first chandelier installed at Recycled Relix,
I have sold plenty but really wanted one in our first room.
So thanks to Tony from Lister Electrics here it is!

It is a beautiful 5 Arm Crystal Drop Chandelier

Lovely Glass Deco Lamp

Original Painting in a lovely gilt frame, with a selection
 of Retro and Vintage Cat and Camel Ornaments.

A lovely c1899 Horse Parade & Show Diploma.

Our Green window display

Lovely Vintage Noritake Set on the table.....
And Judgeware Enamel Teapot and Pots.

A view in the kitchen....

Another kitchen view....

In the kitchen.....

In the Rustic room..... check out the dragster!
It's a mini!

The lovely Pantry cupboard with cannisters
 and Retro Goodies to desire.....

Hope you have a lovely Easter full of gatherings of Family & Friends.....

Recycled Relix will be closed Easter Friday 22nd and Anzac Day 25th.
Open on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 25th 11am till 4pm.
Open Tuesday 26th as normal 10am till 4pm.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thanks Judy!! Isn't it beautiful...... the Apron that is!!

Wow..... how gorgeous is this Apron???
The lovely Christine from chrisartist 
came in to Recycled Relix to visit this morning
 and brought me a gift from her sister Judy from my quilt creations
Just had to put it on!!

Mind you I am a shocker in the kitchen so it may become my dusting apron.
Thank you Judy, I will treasure it!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April is Targa Month in Tassie!!

I get to see ALL sorts on this corner!!
It is never boring and forever changing.....

These guys caught my eye one Saturday - it was the weekend
that Ten Days on the Island started.
Anyhow I missed taking a photo when they walked past but
 I didn't miss them when they came back!

The outfit (if you look closely at their butts) is called a Morphsuit.

Not much more that you could say about these boys is there??

We live, eat and breath soccer at the moment!
The season is underway, although for us it didn't even stop over summer.
Mackenzie was selected as a Representative Player for the
 Northern Tasmania Junior Soccer Association last year and
leaves on Saturday to play in the Centenary Cup in Sydney.
He will be gone for a week and will miss his school camp.
He is the handsome one .....
third from the left in the front row.

Now for those of you who know where my shop is, you will know
 that I am on the corner of York and Bathurst Sts.
York is one way..... going to Riverside - you can't turn right.
Everyday, at least 6 times a day, (during my opening hours) I see
cars turn right - how there hasn't been a head on I will never know.
Well Targa is in town and who should turn right up a one way street??
The White's Lamborghini!!
Not only did he do a U-turn.....
He stalled it at the lights......
Didn't hinder his performance in George Town later in the day though.
He is the leader in his category.