Sunday, January 30, 2011

So did you have any idea???

No it isn't anything to do with the kitchen...... it isn't a tool from the shed......
It is a "Veedee" vibratory massager.....
A medical implement from the early 1900's
that helped certain ailments.....
although on researching the item I did come across the word

I loved these pictures of how you could use it....
for Neuralgia.....

Or for your common head cold.....
I can just imagine with a streaming nose
having to set this up!

And the box it came in .....
with pictures.....
and other attachments!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello 2011......

 We hope you all had a nice time with your families over Christmas.
We took the opportunity to visit Hobart for the Boxing Day sales
 and then drove to the southern most point
 of Tasmania the following day.
It was a lovely 8 degrees at Cockle Creek and there
 was snow on the distant Mountain Peaks.
Nothing like the 30 degrees and the humidity
 my Queensland family was enduring.
The next day we visited New Norfolk and 6 Antique shops!
Just had to see how the others do it.
Mackenzie delighted in telling me that the Drill Hall Emporium
 "is a much better shop than yours" Oh well.... something to aspire to!
Then we drove to Bothwell and visited Ross Baker
at Bothwell Stores (huge collection of golf clubs etc etc)
 - a must visit if you are heading that way!
It was nice to get away but great to get back to Launceston.

Vintage Plaster Cockatoo
This is one of my latest finds.....
he is a beautiful specimen with vibrant colors.

Cigarette Cards
This is a Cigarette Card Book with various different
card collections from Players and Wills.

The cover has seen better days but the pages are intact.

A lovely matching set of Crocodile skin
 Cigarette holder and Lighter case.

1930's Timber Hobby Horse Head.
Just need the handyman to make the handles,
pole with wheels and you are away!

This is our English corner.....
British Flag draped over our Mannequin, and lovely
brass and enamel English Flag Photo Frame.

This vintage horse is not very big and has a nice feel to him.

This is our Nautical corner.
The frame to the right looks like wool but it is Silk
made by Silkworms back in the early 1900's.

This is our super groovy Vintage Silver Cross Pram.
It has fantastic Deco styling and does
convert from a pram to stroller in need.

A HUGE Raynham Vase.....
will hold multiple bunches of flowers or umbrellas......

Sandon by Burgess and Leigh..... Burleigh Ware
2 x Tureens, 6 x Lge Dinner Plates, 6 Med Dinner Plates,
6 x Bowls and 6 Side Plates.
Dates around 1919 and whilst the Tureens
 are in fantastic condition there is some crazing
 on the plates and one dinner plate is chipped.
Would look fantastic on display!

Now this is our mystery item of the week......
Would love to hear back from you if you can tell me what it is?

I do know what it is but will save it to tell
you all about it for next weeks post!

Hope you have a wonderful week!