Monday, October 25, 2010

Evolving treasures.....

Recycled Relix is ever changing.....  each week we get new items
 in that change the look and feel of the shop.
This beautiful 4 mirrored overmantle is one of our latest pieces.

Here it is .... complimented by some of our other pieces.

This is our first broken window..... Saturday night, a week ago,
 someone decided to have a fight outside the shop and obviously missed his target!
So Sunday morning I was greeted with this broken window
 and glass pieces shattered and strewn nearly 3 rooms along!
It must have been some impact.We are still finding glass.
Nothing was taken - thank goodness!
And whoever did it left their DNA..... hope it hurt!

This is a rather unique find.....
it is silver with an enamel picture of ruins on the front.

And inside is baby Moses.... (definitely male)..... in his basket.
It shuts securely and can be worn as a pendant or even a charm.

This is not good photography! Sorry! but it gives you the idea -
 it has a basket woven appearance and is deep to hold Moses.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Art Nouveau.......

There's just something about Art Nouveau pieces that I like....
its probably the detail in the copper or the tulip like flowers.
This piece is a Smokers Cabinet.

The match box sits in the front with a catcher underneath for the spent matches.

Inside you can lift the lid and the pipes would have sat in the rings to the left.
The tobacco could go on the shelf or in the drawer.
And of course it would have been locked to keep the servants out!
Quite a wonderful piece of history!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Were you ever pushed.....??

If you were a baby in the early 1900's you may have been pushed
 in one of the latest Cyclops Fold Up Prams.
I have had people visit the shop who say that they can remember
being pushed in one just like this, down Brisbane St.
Notice the handle looks awfully like a shovel?
And imagine chucking a tantrum and sliding down out of the single strap!

Those were the days.... come and visit Recycled Relix
when you can and take a look at all those things your mum,
grandma and great grandma had.