Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Amazing what some new items do for the rooms.....

Our Miners couch has had some tweaking with new handcrafted, stencilled cushions and throw to match. And notice the beautiful Cordial sets in the window - isn't the cobalt blue one stunning?

Now I really don't have a dead animal fettish even though it seems so. These are my latest fashion items displayed on my new model.

This beautiful baby blue Art Deco cake stand is in perfect condition with an unusual black bakelite base.

Now for the unusual.... a vintage Waddy .... and an original Launceston Tram Ticket Puncher which still works.

Now here is a new animal for the shop.... we already have Fred who greets the customers at the front door, Pete the Parrot.... George (Fred's brother) and now....Max the spaniel.

Oh and I forgot .... Frank the Pheasant..... isn't the painting on glass beautiful!

Here is a french Vannes centrepiece bowl... stunning in real life.

Can you see all the new additions to the kitchen room.....

Sorry for the exposure.... but just had to show you some more of the kitchen room ... and the wonderful Captains Chair.

Friday, November 27, 2009

And more....

This is our back room - full of boys toys, tins, bottles, ashtrays, renovation pieces etc

Our Kitchen room with plate racks etc

Some more in our kitchen room.

One of our new pieces - a drum table.

Our newest editions

Here is Mack the Macaw - he is a beautiful specimen for his age and nice and large and colorful.

Fred now has a new mate "George" - who is a much better quality and rather gorgeous.

And these are 3 Pandas who are balancing on balls - they are probably 50s/60s with fur etc and are in fantastic condition for their age. What a find!

Here's some more...

This is our building - the home of Recycled Relix.

It is quaint and on the main road into Launceston and out to the West Tamar - so everyone should see it!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We are lucky to have the building we do..

The building is over 130 years old and has 3 beautiful fireplaces, an old cast iron stove,polished floors and bare timber floor boards.

As you can see with this room it is pretty original and lends its self to the rustic look.

Here's some more to tempt you!

This is one of our four rooms - already this has changed heaps as we buy and sell more.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Recycled ReliX is now open for business!

On Friday 13th of November we opened our Antiques, Collectables and Items of Interest shop at 167 York Street, Launceston (Cnr of Bathurst St and diagonally opposite Officeworks).

As you can see Fred is a fantastic doorman!

Over the next few days I will show you around the shop and I will be featuring new items on a regular basis.

Feel free to pop on in to the shop, say hello - tell me you saw the blog and I will discount whatever you buy by 10%.

Hope to see you soon!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's school holidays.....

So Madison is up in sunny Qld..... here she is (on the left) with Emily (also escaping the winter).

Isn't it amazing that even nowadays girls dress similarly when going out - they look like twins!

They were enjoying a day out at Dreamworld.

I know this must look a bit rude.... or sick :)

I am not normally into watching BUT this was just so funny!

Louis our DESEXED Siamese was franticly trying to please Millie who was hot to trot - the only thing was he didn't know what to do.

He kept biting her neck and then stood on her haunches but that was it - he had no idea that his bits had to get near hers.

So she did the only thing she could do and tried to escape out our door (any door) to visit the boys who knew exactly what to do .... and who were waiting.

I have to say I am sad to see some things go....

This Salt & Pepper set went to a good home last week..... it was a great talking point - everyone had an opinion of it's past and it was nice to imagine.

General concensous was that it's previous life was on a Ship or Airplane - although the Ship idea was the most popular.

Each Salt & Pepper shaker was individually marked and they were quite heavy.

The lady bought them as a gift for her mum to use with her family at Christmas time. She says her mum will love being able to give an individual S&P to each person when they have their Xmas lunch.

One of my finds.....

While showing Mum and Co around Deloraine I picked up this retro vase.

It was soooo heavy that I didn't even check underneath until I got home (I just liked the look of it) and asked Michael to do it for me.

Low and behold it was a Lapid Vase.... needless to say it was snapped up within minutes of hitting my stall by "How Bazaar".

Its amazing that the second hand shop I bought it from obviously doesn't research it's items - lucky me!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

They won! Golden Goal!!

Gees we parents are dedicated!

On the wettest Saturday in Launceston the Westside Daredevils had to play the final of the McDonald Cup.

The Daredevils had won every match bar 1 and the team they lost to was the team they played in the final RO Sharks.

Contention was still in play about the league ladder because although the Daredevils only lost one game (as did RO Sharks to the Daredevils)they scored 16 more goals for the season. Because RO Sharks played one extra game than EVERY team in Under 10's Div 1 they "technically" won. It was an act "of God" according to the powers that be.


Anyhow our boys were determined to win! And of course as parents we were encouraging them from the side line!

Madison and I both were very vocal and we all wondered whether she would have a voice on Sunday - but she did.

Our boys were the better side (of course) throughout the match and scored 2 early goals before being pegged back to finish 2 all.

So it was 5 mins each side - Golden Goal (only I didn't really understand that) and we played 5 minutes - changed sides and then after some more intense play a goal was scored!! I thought they had to keep playing but no - it was all over - they were the champions!!!

So even though through an "act of god" they were denied the league winners they certainly proved that they deserved to win all round!!

The Gorge at its best!

They were here.... then they were gone!

My Mum, Janet, Granny G, and Aunty Margaret came to visit for a week.

So as usual we tried to fit in as much of Launceston and surrounding districts as we could and made sure they were tired and weary when they went back to hot, humid QLD.

Here they are in a lovely cafe in George St, Launceston - Granny G has celiacs and this cafe has the most devine glouten free deserts and lunches.

If you would like to try the lovely treats (celiacs or not) go here in George St, Launceston - the service is friendly and the food is wonderful!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes it is that time of year - another year older - another wrinkle or three and who cares?? And no we didn't have a halloween party - this was taken a few years ago but it kinda reflects the scary thoughts I am having about my age :)

My Mum and Granny and Aunty Margaret arrived this morning to beautiful Launceston Tasmania. And did we put on a show for them!

Raining like cats and dogs and then as soon as we picked them up it was beautiful sunshine.

But it was all for show and just to get them in, because soon after we had very heavy rain and thunder and lightening and hail to finish it off!

The water gushing over the dam has risen again and is at the level it was when the Gorge was in flood.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My market find....

Even I find little items just for me..... I have been after a hand soap dispenser for the kitchen - and this is just perfect - unique (it is old Avon) corn on the cob - just right!!

Happy Birthday Mackenzie !!

My Baby turned 10 on Thursday.
So on Saturday we had a birthday party with 14 ten year old boys.
Now for all of you who have been to our house, you will know that it is a boys delight - 4 &1/2 acres to run around in - not to mention the next door neighbours yard which leads down to the river!

That is all good for Mum except when you add RAIN, then you have new rules:

  • take off your shoes before you come inside
  • no playing with the ball inside
  • no playing with the ball inside
  • no playing with the ball inside
  • no running
  • no playing with the ball inside!!!!
  • take off your shoes!!!

And my house was perfect before they came...... sob, sob..... and my Mum comes tomorrow with my Grannie and my Aunty Margaret, so I have to clean it again.....

Anyhow isn't the cake fantastic!
Bad Shirley made it..... and 3 dozen cupcakes. 2 Dozen soccer balls for the kids
And 1 Dozen double choc - double rasberry for the adults.
Bad Shirley (alais Ashley Bird 0408 599 188) is one of my Recycled Relix customers. When Michael and I delivered the Kitchen Cabinet to Ash & Angela we got talking and Angela told us that Ash makes cupcakes.
So when Michael & I were talking birthday cakes, he suggested Ash.
I set him a challenge of a soccer ball and he grasped it with two hands and just look at the fantastic result!
I have never bought a better birthday cake.
He was really reasonable, the result was perfect and they tasted as good as they looked!
Needless to say there isn't much of the big ball left and we only have a few cupcakes left.
I am trying to save them for Mum, Grannie and Aunty Margaret.

Here he is making a wish.......

And the candles are all blown out....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fettish number one.....

Ok you can see the baskets on the top of my Buffet??
Well these are a few I have collected - they are not something I sell..... I just can't bring myself to sell them.
I would love to find out how to make them. I have asked the CWA in George St but they don't make them anymore - it is a dying art.
In most cases they have used old birthday cards and they are absolutely gorgeous and not to mention practical - great for taking to the markets to put all your purchases in or even just to the shops. I would prefer one of these anyday to plastic or cloth bags.
I have asked at the craft shop in Kings Meadows and they do stock the plastic etc - I just need to find someone willing to teach me or a group of us how to do it. So if you know someone please put them in touch because I would love to learn - then I could make my own modern version and sell them at the markets.

Bunka Punch

Ever heard of Bunka Punch?

It is a Japanese form of embroidery or tapestry with a difference.

This was my first Bunka and I am yet to find another outlet to buy another here in Tasmania.

You use a needle like tool and you use a frame to keep the material tight. I really found it to be theraputic and the only issue I have with doing another one is that the pictures I find on ebay are not particularly attractive.

And as you can see this one has my favourite Blue & White china in it!

Mother Nature in all her glory

We visited the Gorge recently with my Dad ( he had flown in to watch Mackenzie play Representative soccer in Hobart - they won both games :)) and I can assure you there was a big pool there..... somewhere out there in the middle.

We live with a view to the Trevallyn Dam and we love it when the Dam flows. Over the last week though it is the highest it has been since we have been here.

We took these photo's a few days after Dad went home - pity he missed the fantastic display. One gentleman also taking in the sights said that when he was a boy he had seen the level rise to the roof of the small block shed just to the right of the playground.
He also told us scary stories of being a typical boy who used to swim and canoe in the flood - amazing what we used to get up to.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Market magic

I know I have said this before ..... but I do love the markets.... Inveresk markets that is.
And the "Recycled Relix" stalls are where you will find us every Sunday.
The best part of the markets is meeting new people, finding out what they like and then finding out they have emigrated from the mainland too.
We recently had a lady ask why the "West Coast Eagles" clock was not for sale. I explained that my husband is a supporter and from W.A.
She and her husband and another couple were from Corrigan - well did that bring up some memories! Luckily Michael was around and he had to tell the story of his conception.... just happened to be on a farm in Corrigan ..... a whole 55 years plus ago..... ewe!!
Anyhow it was nice for them to connect and he was able to recommend a few places to visit and they went away dazed (I am sure) and happy with an antique jug.

ebay magic...

I like ebay.... I pick up unusual things .... I just have to remember to add the postage on to see if it is worth buying.

My latest trick is to only buy Tasmanian. So when I am looking I make sure the sellers are within a 200k radius. It means I can buy bigger things and pick them up.

Here is my latest purchase. The buffet that is.... doesn't it go well with my table? All the way from Latrobe - and at a quarter of the original purchase price.
It has enabled me to put my favourite blue & white pieces on display.
The top shelf has some really old willow china - Madison's Paternal grandmother gave it to me many years ago. It is really only suitable for display and it looks great.
The second shelp has some Spode plates - I bought 6 in a boxed and numbered set probably 15 years ago and I now have the ability to display them well.
I love blue & white.
I don't care if it is cheep or not branded - if it looks nice and I like it, I buy it.

How time fly's....

I am embarrassed that it has taken me that long to blog again!!
But I have lots & lots of excuses .... Madison has changed schools since we last blogged - here is her first day at St Pat's and of course Mackenzie had to be in the photo too.
She was supposed to start on a Wednesday but due to her mother having a "seniors moment" (even though I don't qualify) she started a day later. It certainly helps to remember to pick up the uniform that was being shortened from the Tailors. It's not like she can go in her sports uniform :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love Sundays....

This is Toby our Labrador X Wired Haired Pointer - believe it or not he is only 2 years old.
This isn't his mat - he has just taken advantage of one of our moving cushions dropping from the trailer as we are about to move another piece of furniture into the market.
He loves to be around us wherever we are and even if we are in the house he is where he can see us.

One of my recent finds - I love the color and it's just a bit retro!

This is Millie (or Pisser depending who's calling her and what she's been up to lately) - she justs loves boxes and any chance she gets she has to get into one - even when it has my precious things in it!

Sorry for the poor photo - must be all the pyschadelic flowers! It is a really retro holder in the great orange and green - so fresh.

This is one of the cuter of my old tins, I love tins to add color to a kitchen or room. It is amazing what people collect - some collect certain brands, cigarette tins, tea tins or just any tin that looks interesting.

We had a lovely day today, I met some really nice people and caught up with our regulars.
The last of our frogs went today so I am sure people will miss him. But I have been assured he has gone to a good home :)

The corn rows are out!

Who knew he had soooo much hair??

This is the after effects of a couple of months with Corn Rows courtesy of the lovely ladies at the Inveresk Markets.

My gorgeous boy Mackenzie is on holidays so his hair is having a break too!
This is long,hard and painful work to get it like this but it has just taken me over an hour to get it out and he says it was just as painful.

So he will have his hair done again before he goes back to school to please his headmaster (it is a safeguard against creepy crawleys).
Thank goodness he has a high pain tolerance!