Saturday, May 28, 2011

Clear Blue Skies and Ice Cold Frost!

Here in Tasmania, Australia's southernmost state, 
we are experiencing beautiful winter days.

They are beautiful when you stay in bed or leave the house after 10am.
Today we left home just before 9am and the car said it was 2 degrees
and we were going to Soccer to stand out in it!

So we were rugged up in coat, scarf and gloves and luckily
it wasn't windy and the sun was doing its toasty best!

It was all worth it though because Mackenzie's team won the game
 and it was so early I got to go see it before opening the shop.

We seem to have had lots of people in this week trying to sell us
bits and pieces.
Its not spring yet!

Anyhow heres some of the more interesting items....

I quite like this piece.... would look great in a bathroom or bedroom....
They are a Personal Weighing Machine by Jaraso.
Circa mid 1800's. Cast Iron and very heavy.
You stand on the top and if you look closely the face is a mirror image. 
The mirror folds out so you can read the dial!! It tells you how much 
you weigh in stones and pounds.
How clever is that?

See the reflection.

This old Church Collection box has two sections - one for
the small coins and one for the large.
Inside is inscribed August 1864.....

Two Antique Riding Crops with horn handles.

Lovely Oleographs of King George V and Queen Mary.

This is one of my favourite bits.... still tossing up whether I should 
take them home!
It is a lovely tin boxed set of Bakelite Domino's!

Full Set.....with Wills"s Star Cigarettes on the back.

Ok now I love Jacobean..... and this isn't Jacobean 
but if you stand with your eye's slightly shut it could be!
It is a Victorian English Oak Dumb Waiter. (Must be the English Oak that takes my fancy)
And I also think Dumb Waiter isn't a very nice name but 
looking it up in my Concise Dictionary of Antique Collecting it means
"movable table, often with revolving shelves, used to serve food"
So here it is! and it is one of the things I would like to take home!!

Hope you all have a great week....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New stock..... new feel to the shop!

May has brought with it cool nights and lovely winter days.
This morning it was foggy in town and I wondered if I would
 ever see the sky but by lunchtime we had beautiful blue clear sky!
Tonight we are off to see the Van Diemen Rollers.....
Ever heard of them?
They are a group of women who compete in Roller Derby!
So we are off to Westbury to see them race.
Should be a great night - when you get your tickets they tell you
 to rug up, bring a blanket and make sure you get there early
 otherwise you may have to sit in suicide corner!

Anyhow back to business....

This lovely Rocking Horse is from the 40's/50's and has been well loved.
His structure is timber, covered in hide and is straw filled.

Victorian Burr Walnut Dressing Table - absolutely gorgeous!

Art Deco Drinks Trolley

Rosewood Inlaid Coal Scuttle with a Porcelain Handled Shovel.
Lovely original condition, nice patina.

Mahogany Barley Twist, Marble Top Toilet Mirror

I found this Library Ladder the other day and it caught
 my eye because it was so rustic but had a nice feel to it.
I will use it for display - it really isn't strong enough to
use as a ladder.

This Tin Hat Box is gorgeous. It is rather large - although
it doesn't really show that in this photo.

This photo is of our front room, but I really wanted to show you
the new table which is a stunner!
It has a Kauri Pine top and a Tasmanian Blackwood base.
The legs are a great shape and it has 3 drawers.

Edwardian Walnut Mirror Backed Music Cabinet

L & Sons Ltd, Hanley England Vase

Russo-Balt made in the USSR still in box

Volga made in the USSR still in box

ZIL - 112 made in the USSR still in box

I hope you have a great week.

Let me know what you think of these new goodies!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Antique Possum.......

Only joking....
"Bitey Scratchy" is being looked after by one of
my clients and she is very cute!
She paid me a visit today and I couldn't resist
a photo.

We try to change the front window once a week
to display new wares and create interest.
This week we went for Orange.
It's such a fresh color for the cooler months.
Its a happy color.

Spot Cath in the window.

Now this is really unique and interesting.
Great for the car enthusiast.
Its a Corgi Comics Lunar Bug.

This is a tiny Diecast BSA Motorcycle & Sidecar.
Made in England with RAC on the front of the Sidecar.
Do you know anything about this??
We would love to know more....

We need to know more about this....... See the RAC
mark on the front of the Sidecar.

Vintage Deer Head Coat Rack

Wolseley Drivers Handbook

Studebaker Shop Manual 1959-60

"Bitey Scratchy" Antique Possum

Hope you have a great week.

Let me know what you think of the new goodies....