Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love Sundays....

This is Toby our Labrador X Wired Haired Pointer - believe it or not he is only 2 years old.
This isn't his mat - he has just taken advantage of one of our moving cushions dropping from the trailer as we are about to move another piece of furniture into the market.
He loves to be around us wherever we are and even if we are in the house he is where he can see us.

One of my recent finds - I love the color and it's just a bit retro!

This is Millie (or Pisser depending who's calling her and what she's been up to lately) - she justs loves boxes and any chance she gets she has to get into one - even when it has my precious things in it!

Sorry for the poor photo - must be all the pyschadelic flowers! It is a really retro holder in the great orange and green - so fresh.

This is one of the cuter of my old tins, I love tins to add color to a kitchen or room. It is amazing what people collect - some collect certain brands, cigarette tins, tea tins or just any tin that looks interesting.

We had a lovely day today, I met some really nice people and caught up with our regulars.
The last of our frogs went today so I am sure people will miss him. But I have been assured he has gone to a good home :)

The corn rows are out!

Who knew he had soooo much hair??

This is the after effects of a couple of months with Corn Rows courtesy of the lovely ladies at the Inveresk Markets.

My gorgeous boy Mackenzie is on holidays so his hair is having a break too!
This is long,hard and painful work to get it like this but it has just taken me over an hour to get it out and he says it was just as painful.

So he will have his hair done again before he goes back to school to please his headmaster (it is a safeguard against creepy crawleys).
Thank goodness he has a high pain tolerance!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Wow! What a day we had at Inveresk Markets!
We had a record day and met lots of lovely people.
This is just one corner of our stall.

This is some of our Shabby Shic furniture and Plus Size Ladies Clothes.

Here's the wonderful Michael being a bit silly on his side of the stall.

I went to check on Mackenzies hair do (he gets corn rows done by the lovely ladies at the market) and Michael managed to sell 2 dressing tables and a hutch!

We now have some big holes in our stall so we will be hunting for more quality pieces before next Sunday.

This is the latest addition to my Mirrors - it is quite a big mirror (not that it looks like it here) - I am sure it will find a lovely home soon.

I love these ducks - they are a cast iron door stop - quite old and very heavy. Too Cute!

I'd have to say this First Aid or Medicine Cabinet is one of my all time favourite purchases - it looked so good on my kitchen bench - I really wanted to keep it!
I obviously have great taste because no sooner had I put it on display, it sold! I was so disappointed :) not really but it was something I would have loved to keep.

Have a look at the new depression piece I picked up just recently - made from old bottle crates or apple boxes and the drawers are old kerosene tins. A lot of people were commenting on how unusual it is or how their mum used to have something like it.
That is part of the fun, doing what we do, so many people have flash backs to their childhood or to a period in their life when they can remember having one "just like that"!
Anyhow we had a wonderful day and made some new friends along the way.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I love Sundays.... and not just cos it was Mothers Day!

Wow! What a day..... We are up and at it early on Sundays so I nearly forgot it was Mothers day until my son reminded me and gave me this wonderful picture frame!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

At the Inveresk Markets....

Our site has evolved from surplus furniture and bric-a-brac covering 2 spots to 3 and now 4 - and that is it - no more!

I enjoy finding interesting items and try my hardest to keep my regular customers happy.

Salt and Pepper shakers are popular - I have a lady who collects unusual ones and she often remarks on how I have so many different types. She recently bought a wooden kangaroo and joey in its pouch, from me, and just recently bought a pair of ducks and a pair of brown onions (I had never seen S & P shakers in onion form before). I just keep an eye out for the unusual ones but the normal ones sell just as well.

Mirrors are always a well sort after item. Bevelled edged mirrors are in short supply and very popular. I have a lady who has a wall full - so not just the odd one or two but a complete wall - how fantastic would that look. Just before Christmas a nice guy who had bought 2 mirrors came back and bought 2 more - as presents for his mates - they had commented on how nice his were. Recently 2 went to Sydney as walk on luggage and the lady who bought them was so happy!

Cows are popular, pigs too, teddy bears sell well so I have to make sure that there is plenty of choice. Shabby Chic is also popular - amazing how some people like it and some people hate it!

Retro furniture, both bedroom and kitchen, are continually a favourite plus all the things to decorate your home with. Canisters, tins, plates, ornaments from that era are great to look at and usually are shown in the brightest colors. Old record and radio players are popular too.

Just recently I stumbled upon some Depression furniture - it is a yellow shelf system with drawers made out of Kerosene tins. I think it would look great in a retro/country kitchen, or laundry or even in a garage. It has been in my stall for a week and many people have commented on how great it looks.

One of my "baby's" that I am growing and nurturing is my Plus Sized Ladies Clothes. I sell quality new and second hand plus size clothes for the voluptuous woman. Again this evolved from a clearout of my wardrobe - amazing how many items still had their tags on and had never been worn! Ladies were amazed that they could actually buy plus sized clothes at the market and I soon had a regular following. The only thing was, I couldn't raid my wardrobe anymore otherwise I would have nothing to wear! So I now buy through ebay, garage sales and second hand shops. My mum in Queensland also hunts for them and posts parcels down each week to add to my collection. I have trained her to buy the things I like and not to buy too "grannyfied" clothing. Although I do sell to all ages. My maximum price is $15.00 so it enables the ladies to buy numerous items for the price of 1 in a shop.

The stall evolves every week and that is the thrill of it for my regular clients and for me!

This is it......

Ok, after reading one of my friendly customers blogs I am hooked!

Michael, Mackenzie and I went to the Niche Market on the weekend to have a look at "Loz and Dinny's" stall.

I saw Gemma in the paper during the week advertising the market and I was shocked!

Shocked because I actually knew someone in the paper and shocked because I didn't know that she made vintage style little girl dresses.

So we went along, after being at the Deloraine markets since 6.30am, and really enjoyed our time there.

Gemma is so talented and I love her whole concept of the vintage style clothing plus the Loz and Dinny lable. There is nothing nicer than to incorporate the great influences of your life - in her case her mum and grandma. You can see her clothing and blog at

Gemma handed me her business card with her blog because apparently she had a picture of her last purchase at my market stall at Inveresk Markets in Launceston. So of course I had to have a look and instead of leaving it at that, I had to read it all!

So hopefully I will get the hang of this and this will be the first of many posts.