Monday, May 13, 2013

Rustic Relics.....

I prefer second hand to new any day but when it comes to
 Antiques and Items of Interest there is nothing more I like better
 than an item that has stood the test of time and shows
 that it has been well used or loved.

I love the cast iron rustiness of the claw feet and they would look great
 as part of a Shabby Chic or French collection.

The Salter Scales have great age to them and with
 their solid heaviness would look amazing hanging
 in a sympathetic kitchen.

Have a look at a few of the rustic relics we have in store now.....

I bet these bath feet could tell a story or two! 
They have amazing character and you can see the many old paint 
colours mixed in with the rust!

Once the common household iron, nowadays these are highly sought
 after for cooking a fantastic steak on the BBQ!

One of our Welsh Dressers ..... 
it is amazing how much these can hold!

The old wooden Ironing Board serves
 as a great hall table or display stand.

A lovely large Salters Scales..... great proportions.