Friday, December 14, 2012

Street Art Update .... and some gorgeous gift ideas!!

The Traffic Control Box has been completed after at
 least 36 hours of hard slog.

Bella did a fantastic job and we have had some wonderful feedback
on the project and volunteers from all walks of life to do others.

The Launceston City Council would like to see the remaining 499
 boxes decorated also.

As Bella has a very detailed way of completing her art it was very
 time consuming back breaking at times but she succeeded in 
completing it beautifully.

The finished product!
Just one of those doily's took 3 hours to complete!

Stylized Chandelier - my favourite....

The article in the Examiner.... 


Now for some special gift ideas....


Here are a lovely pair of EPNS Dance Purses.... c1920's
You would wear them on your finger so you could still dance
Such a graceful way to do it....

Some Vintage Bling Brooches....
great to dress up a jacket.... or dress.

Lovely Vintage Jewelry 

A lovely Antique Oak Filing Chest...
Absolutely one of my favourite things!

Two Model T Ford Coils... for the car
enthusiast or someone who loves wood and
the detail in these pieces.

Another of my favourites.... an urn full of 
Deer Antlers.... great on a rustic table....
Very French!

And to close.... this is our lovely wreath on our 
red front door.... love it!

We hope you have a great weekend,
pop in soon!
We are happy to gift wrap your present purchases.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Traffic Control Box Transformation..... ???

It all started on Facebook.....
one of Madison's friends Bella was saying how she would love
 to do some "street art" ..... so I suggested she paint 
the ugly graffiti covered Traffic Control Box
 that is adjacent to Recycled Relix.

So when Bella said yes I made a few phone calls and finally
had a call from a gentleman at Launceston City Council.
It turns out that the Mayor Albert Van Zetten has also wanted 
these unsightly boxes to be a work of art!

So after some design tooing and froing we had the first photo
shoot today with Launceston's Mayor Albert Van Zetten.
The Box will be painted to create a clean slate and then
weather permitting Bella will start her work of art on Sunday.

Due to the nature of the corner (it is as noisy and busy as anything)
Bella will commence on Sunday with full traffic control i.e. 
the speed limit will be reduced to 40 and she will have signage
 and barriers placed on the road to ensure she
 doesn't literally stop traffic!
She also has to wear full safety gear including a 
hat (to prevent sunburn) so she will be very 
visible in her fluorescent vest!

The artist in residence Bella Perkett with Launceston
Mayor Albert Van Zetten and the offending
Traffic Control Box

Bella's before shot.

In liaison with Julie from the council - its all systems go!

The soon to be transformed Traffic Control Box!
Watch this space for progress shots.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Its Official - we are 3 years old!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Recycled Relix!!

We are proud to have achieved this milestone.
It has been full of ups and downs and it has been 
tough in this economic climate but we are still open!

So to all our regular and visiting customers we thank
you for your custom.

Here is a glimpse of our shop as it looks at the moment.

This is in the front room and is a grand entry piece.
Lovely Edwardian Mirror Backed Sideboard.

The window shot.
I love the Deer Antler Bouquet.... on the Shabby Chic
Pine topped Dinner/Hall Table

Another view of the room.....
Our 4 leaf Edwardian Screen - handpainted

Our new piece.... the Dresser Cabinet against the far wall
can hold soooo much.... looks bigger in real life

The Queen overlooks a multitude of kitchenalia
Pity Prince Charles and Camilla didn't pop in yesterday...

Everything and the kitchen sink

Another view of the shop.....

Our cedar chest of drawers and a lovely Art Deco inlaid coffee table.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We turn 3 this month!! WOW!!

We turn 3 on 13th November so with that in mind
 we putting up our Christmas bunting and tizzying the 
place in readiness.

It has been a long hard slog but we have enjoyed the
bumpy ride. Hopefully we can continue on for many years yet!

Here are some of our new items in store now!

Our front door looking gorgeous with the wreath and the 
old ships wheel....

The front entrance to the shop....

A lovely 1880's Silk Picture by Thomas Stevens ...
also known as a Stevensgraph
"The Home Stretch"

c1880 Silk Picture by Thomas Stevens 
"The Slip"

A very heavy pair of bookends....
The Whaleman of New Bedford c1930

c1928 Royal Doulton Series Ware
"Coaching Days"

Lovely pair of small wall plaques by
Bing & Grondahl of Denmark

This is a relatively early Lolly Jar:
Quality Sweetacres Products registered ROCKJAR
service of James Stedman - Hendersons Sweets Ltd
Rosebery Sydney NSW.

Open for business 7 days a week!

Pop in and say hello!

Friday, October 12, 2012

It will soon be Christmas!!

How time fly's ??
Christmas is fast approaching, it only seems like yesterday
 when we relocated Recycled Relix
but its been 6 months!

We are also coming up to our 3rd Anniversary which is something
 to be proud of given this economic climate.

We have had some very hectic weeks with the end of Soccer (yeay!) 
and rearranging the shop as the stock goes in and out.

We have a very interesting assortment and I have taken a few photo's 
of some of my favourite bits at the moment.


A lovely Edwardian hand painted 4 leaf screen
with river scenes on one side and native flora on the other. 

An original Ed H Thompson Watercolor and hand painted
 Apprentice piece from the exhibition in London - mid 1800's.

A closer picture of the Ed H Thompson Watercolor -
he was renowned for painting the Cumbria landscape
in particular the Lake District.

This lovely Apprentice piece is hand painted and is purported to 
be from the Great Exhibition in London in the mid 1800's. It has a lable 
underneath and is a lovely piece.

Deer Skull and Horns - great for decorating the bar or man cave.

A really unusual set of Antique Scales - if you know anything about
 these I would love to know more! 

Two hand painted still life's of fruit c1833 in gilt frames
 and signed by the artist.

Deer skull and horns - again would be a great 
statement piece above the mantlepiece!

Lovely framed picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Two glass pictures and lovely hand painted roses 
on tin plaque.

Heavy Iron Carrier - possibly for Motor Oil Bottles
Would make a great umbrella holder or just a nice
piece to decorate with.

Really large framed paintings of birds on the water 
signed - in original untouched condition.

Extremely heavy - large Bevelled Edge Mirror with Gilt frame
 and hand painted roses on the glass - would look lovely over a

A view of the Blue and White - in particular the 
Burleigh Ware Calico Canister set on top!

Large and heavy Old Ships Wheel with 
a really nice patina.
Would be a great addition to your nautical collection or a feature in 
your bar or man cave.

Anyhow I hope you have a great weekend and
hope to see you in the store soon.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It must be MECCANO time again......

 Spring is lovely in Launceston!
We are having lovely days with beautiful blue skies - a real mood changer!!

We are lucky to have some Meccano in store, it has
 been awhile but well worth the wait.

An Original Meccano Engineering in Miniature Set c1920's

In good condition for the age $550.00 SOLD

Hornby Passenger Train Set No.31 O Gauge by Meccano 
with an upgraded engine. $450.00


1940's Meccano No1 Clockwork Motor
$55.00 SOLD

An original Bettafit sign - this meccano look alike was made by 
R K Morgan Engineering, Glenroy, Victoria, Australia in the 1940's.
There is an article written in the Bendigo Miner Aug 11 2011:
Bettabilt was made by an
obscure manufacturer, R K
Morgan Engineering Works,
in Glenroy, Victoria.
“Be Australian, Buy
Australian – this set fulfils
all the requirements of a high
class toy” was the slogan
featured on the back page
of Morgan’s catalogue. The
slogan was in response to
the challenge in the market
place from Meccano, the first
choice of Australian youth.
During the 1960s, growing
popularity of plastic cliptogether
block construction
systems ultimately saw the
decline of metal truss sets.
Within 20 years the three
Australians had become

And for the ladies.... 
these are a lovely Chalkware pair of ladies
made by Sarem of Italy SOLD

Hope you have a great week!