Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Recycled Relix wishes you and your family
 a very Merry Christmas!
The shop will close for the Christmas holidays
 and reopen on Wednesday 29th December at 10am.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Meccano rarity's...... and a Marklin Set......

For all you Meccano fanatics or toy collectors,
 here are some special bits,
 you might like to fill your stocking with.......

With our current sale, these items
 will only be at the 10% off - no further discounts will apply.

Some of the items available.

One of the rarest Meccano pieces on offer, this 1929
Meccano Steam engine is in its original box.
$995.00 SOLD

The 1929 Meccano Steam Engine..... or Donkey
$ 995.00 SOLD

1920's Meccano Magic Clockwork Motor
$125.00 SOLD

Original Instructions and Box with motor and key.
$125.00 SOLD

Meccano No 6 set $445.00 REDUCED to $295.00!! SOLD

Meccano No 6 Booklet and bits $445.00 REDUCED to $295.00!! SOLD

Meccan No 6 pieces. $445.00 the set. REDUCED to $295.00!! SOLD

What can you make? SOLD

Fire Engine. SOLD

Meccano Clockwork Motor. $250.00 SOLD

Meccano Clockwork Motor, key and original instructions.
$250.00 SOLD

c1912 Meccano Butter Churn...... $545.00 SOLD

Meccano Tin $48.00 SOLD

1920's Meccano Cardboard Sign $130.00 SOLD

Marklin Construction Set - Never Used
$550.00 SOLD

As new..... $550.00 SOLD

Has the instruction to make this plane. SOLD

All items are in the shop now,
so call me on 6333 88 66  if you want me to hold
 something for you - otherwise it may be gone!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Final 2010 SALE!!

This is our final sale for 2010!

10% OFF

Ends close of business December 24th.

Mention this blog and I will take a further 10% off
your purchases - so 20% off!

This photo does not do this Victorian Oak Marble Top Hallstand
any justice....
It is HUGE.
Beautifully carved, simple yet elaborate....
a must see piece.

1860's Willcox & Gibbs Seeing Machine in working order
with its own case (behind).

Oak bench seat or school desk seat.

Absolutely fabulous Art Deco Tea trolley....
all bits original and complete!

Fantastic 1930's poster of the Sydney Harbour
Bridge Celebrations.

Our front window..... very red, white and blue
in keeping with our flags.
The one shown is an Australian Flag....
the red background represents merchant shipping.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rooms with many, many views......

I have had some mutterings from the interstate family.....
I am not showing enough of my bits on this blog!!
So here goes.....

One of our special Trench Art pieces.....
sitting on an old  English flag

A beautiful large Art Glass Jug, fantastic
 for those retro homes
and would brighten up any room.....

This kitchen dresser has heaps of cupboard space
 with a pantry cupboard on each side.
The leadlight hasn't revealed its true colors in this pic
 but is has lovely orange pieces and retro blue - the shade
 of the hula girls skirt on the top right.

I have 13 of these retro cupboard door handles.
They are vibrant in color and have a mirror front to them.

The lovely "Diana" by Royal Doutlon, and two beautiful
 Fabar Capodimonte flowers.

Crystal Sugar Bowl and Milk Jug Set.

Crystal Lidded Sweets Bowl

Handsome Bulldog, Cyclops Folding Pram and Bread Basket.

This is one of my favourite pieces at the moment.....
an Antique Hip Bath.
We have had a few suggestions for use.....
fill it up with ice and put the drinks in for the BBQ,
Plant your favourite plants in it, sit it on the deck and fill it up and soak in it......

Art Deco Aneroid Barometer

Kalmar Swallow Vase..... absolutely gorgeous!

Pair of vibrant orange vases.

Retro corner...... paua shell coffee table etc

Front room....

Ready for war....

A selection of cariage/bike lamps and miners lamp.
Peter Pan sewing machine.

Second room.....

Third room....

These were the mystery item of the week.....
until we found out that they weren't nutcrackers
but a tool used to pull a bull by its nose!

Replica pistols..... for dueling at dawn.

The other side of the Second room.....

The fourth room..... 

Some lovely ruby lustre stemmed port and wine glasses.

Our rustic room.....

Sterling Silver lidded Perfume bottles..... one dates to 1809.

Genuine WW11 German Army Buckle c1937

The other side of the Fourth room.....

Hope you have enjoyed the pictures....
will do some more soon.