Sunday, April 18, 2010

Items of Interest......

Its's been a while, I know, but things have been busy in the shop and at home and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to do it all!!

George 3rd left the shop recently and he was the MOST magnificent beast we have ever had in. He was huge and gorgeous and had eyes that followed you (which was quite spooky) - it got to the stage where I had to say hello to him every morning just to make sure he wouldn't spook me throughout the day!

Here is one of our recent purchases ..... a nice simple Art Deco half round hall table.

The hen's head moves and pecks at the seeds all day!
This retro 50's/60's Wind Up Alarm Clock is a recent addition to the shop. 

A Wembley Flying Duck's Vase with a Vivid Green and Amber Glaze.
Very different and unique.

World War 1 Military Tank Headset of Australian origin.

This is one of our newest phone additions..... It is an ATM phone complete with identification plate with the date of use 1932.
It was made for use in the mines and to make a call you had to wind it up to get the exchange's attention. No number dials were used in those days!!

This Siemens House phone with Teledex is also from the 1930's and completely original.
Check out the cord!

How Retro and Bright is this?? Nothing like a Yellow Adler Tippa Typewriter to brighten up your desk.
In working order and ribbons are still available on Ebay.

These are a pair of Cast Iron Angel Lights or Sconces.
They are quite a size and would have held a lamp in the bowl section.
They are quite ornate and have the cherub playing a trumpet on the arm.

This 60's Japanese decorative plate with the scene of Mt Fuji is quite stunning and would brighten up any room.
The bushes and landscape seem to have been sown and could be a bunka punch creation.

Ever seen a highchair like this one?
It is rather unique with its rear cupboard.
Lovely finish to the timber - could be used for your doll or teddy bear collection.

One of our display cabinets with all its goodies!

This cabinet has our beautiful jewellery on display..... Some 9ct Gold...... Sterling Silver and Marcasite and a lovely selection of costume jewellery including clip on earrings.