Monday, July 18, 2011

Ok ...... so Wendy might be a Wayne......

But the jury is still out!!

Wendy may be Wayne..... and if you watched the Migration  
documentary last night on Channel 7 you may be just as confused as me because the Males looked like the Females and visa versa.

So I did some more research and I still don't know, but what I have learnt is that She, He or It is a Blue Wildebeest. It is a good specimen of the species because the horns are more than 60 centimeters wide and go out further than the tips of the ears.....??

The other thing I have learnt was that it probably is a girl because the base of the horns isn't overly wide or deep - the male tends to have rather wide bases to the horns.....

Oh well..... it is a problem when you don't have access to all bits of the creature.....

If you have any idea about Wendy or Wayne, I would love to hear it!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wendy the Wildebeest.......

Well here's the latest addition to our shop.....
She is a very large and heavy Wildebeest.
Very much a statement for your home, bar room or Big Boys shed.....

She seems to follow me when I walk through.....

She is quite deep and will be nicely positioned above a mantlepiece....

They are an interesting looking beast with a flat nose and flat spots just below their eyes.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

See you in store soon!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New bits'n'pieces in store now!

The sun is shining and it is a rather nice day - if you are near a heater!

Heres some new and interesting pieces.....

Early 1930's Depression Meat Safe

Meerschaum Mermaid Clay Pipe

Meerschaum Mermaid Pipe side view.....

Horn Gun Powder flask...

Volkswagon Tin Pedal car......

Some of our most recent bottle stopper additions.....

Hope you are having a great week.

:Let me know what you think of the new bits'n'pieces.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Letter to the Editor No.3

Amazing! So you have to pay someone from Sydney to assess the clock? Just because you have some complaints from a few Quest guests? I live in town and yes I have already voiced my opinion on this matter but I am also a business owner who relies on the tourist dollar to earn a living. The tourists who visit my shop always complain loudly about parking, the lack thereof of free parking and the cost to shop when you park in the city. So if you are going to consider silencing the clock how about stopping the parking fees that stop the many tourists visiting my shop and the CBD! Don't stop the clock for a few Hotel guests - stop the parking fees for the many hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit our City!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

How's this for co-incidence????

So this is a just a little spooky.....

A couple of weeks ago a guy came into the shop, who had never been in before. 
It happens quite regularly where people who live in Launceston pop into the shop for the first time..... 
even though we have been open since November 2009!

He had a good look around and then bought some Britains Ltd Lead Soldiers with machine guns.
He collects Lead Soldiers.

Nothing unusual about that - I know.

Then as he was paying for the Soldiers he happened to glance down into the jewelry cabinet.

This is where it gets spooky.

He just happens to be Scottish - I just happened to have a Sterling Silver Plaid Brooch in my cabinet.
It just happens to have the same "coat of arms" 
as his home town in Scotland called Moffat.
(Moffat is a tiny historical town of 2500 in Southern Scotland 
famous for being home to the World's Narrowest Hotel).

He didn't want me to get it out of the cabinet, I told him the latin words
 "Nunquam non paratus" meant "Never Unprepared".
He knows Moffat's town motto as "Ready, I Ready"

 He stood there gazing at it, slowly shaking his head. 
He couldn't not touch it (in my opinion) so I ignored his objections and took it out to show him

It is a lovely piece - solid Sterling Silver c1909

He bought it. 

He told me when he bought it that it had the same details as
his sash cloth badge and that he would bring it in and show me.

Today he did just that and the other spooky thing we discovered
on viewing them side by side was that it also has
 the exact same motto.

Isn't it just the most amazing rehoming story??? 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Vintage Iron House Names.....

We get all sorts here at Recycled Relix!

I think these Iron House Names are somewhat of a dying art - they would have taken a lot of time and effort to make.

Jenville - very heavy - just need to paint whatever color you desire and attach!
Just over 1 metre long.

Trade Winds - not so heavy - paint to suit your house or fence and fix with screws.
Approximately 170 cms long

They are in great condition.

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Monday, July 4, 2011

New items into the store!!

Amazing isn't it - that it's July already! Winter in Launceston is very changeable. We started with a warmish morning and have had periodic showers for the rest of the day. Customers have come in when it wasn't raining and then not been able to leave because it was pouring!
Here is one of our new Chalkware or Plaster pieces - it is a classic deco style.

This is an Italian plaster piece - c1940's signed A Santini of Depositato.

This is a Mattei Bros & Co piece - again c1940's

This Plaster Pekinese Dog has been handed down through three generations.
He is very cute!

These are Siam Sterling Silver screw on earrings - really nice - could take these home!

Pair of vintage hand painted Milk Glass vases in fantastic condition

This is an unusual shaped depression glass jug - love the base!

Art glass vase

Lovely large Centrepiece Bowl.

Hope you have a great week!

See you in the shop soon.