Saturday, May 1, 2010

Get your Peter Brock signed Targa Hat here!!

Its that time of year again - Targa time!!

One of the many benefits of having the shop where we do is that we get to see it all: Accidents, Police Cars, Ambulances, Hogs, and now all the Targa Cars.

This week we have had a BMW motorcycle go over going around the corner, a green hyundai ran a red light and ploughed into an Examiner car and lots and lots of Targa Cars.

Now for the new pieces in the shop.....
here is a beautiful Jacobean Hall Table with Drawer..... the handles are carved wolves heads.
This is one of my favourite pieces and I would love to find a spot for it at my place!

An original signed oil in a lovely gilt and creme frame.

Two Jacobean Palm Stands.

A very early large glass fruit bowl.

1906 Noiseless Typewriter ...... not at all quiet.....

One of our new phones - rather cute don't you think?

They are both from the Automatic Electric Company.

This is a beautiful 1960's piece from Finland.

Antique Wheelchair - you can't do it yourself though!

Signed by Peter Brock.....

World War 11 Military Helmet - really heavy and would have been horrible to wear!

Original Signed Aboriginal Artwork depicting the Brolga and date 1986.

Antique timber frame with fabulous carving..... as shown below.

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