Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Amazing what some new items do for the rooms.....

Our Miners couch has had some tweaking with new handcrafted, stencilled cushions and throw to match. And notice the beautiful Cordial sets in the window - isn't the cobalt blue one stunning?

Now I really don't have a dead animal fettish even though it seems so. These are my latest fashion items displayed on my new model.

This beautiful baby blue Art Deco cake stand is in perfect condition with an unusual black bakelite base.

Now for the unusual.... a vintage Waddy .... and an original Launceston Tram Ticket Puncher which still works.

Now here is a new animal for the shop.... we already have Fred who greets the customers at the front door, Pete the Parrot.... George (Fred's brother) and now....Max the spaniel.

Oh and I forgot .... Frank the Pheasant..... isn't the painting on glass beautiful!

Here is a french Vannes centrepiece bowl... stunning in real life.

Can you see all the new additions to the kitchen room.....

Sorry for the exposure.... but just had to show you some more of the kitchen room ... and the wonderful Captains Chair.