Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It must be MECCANO time again......

 Spring is lovely in Launceston!
We are having lovely days with beautiful blue skies - a real mood changer!!

We are lucky to have some Meccano in store, it has
 been awhile but well worth the wait.

An Original Meccano Engineering in Miniature Set c1920's

In good condition for the age $550.00 SOLD

Hornby Passenger Train Set No.31 O Gauge by Meccano 
with an upgraded engine. $450.00


1940's Meccano No1 Clockwork Motor
$55.00 SOLD

An original Bettafit sign - this meccano look alike was made by 
R K Morgan Engineering, Glenroy, Victoria, Australia in the 1940's.
There is an article written in the Bendigo Miner Aug 11 2011:
Bettabilt was made by an
obscure manufacturer, R K
Morgan Engineering Works,
in Glenroy, Victoria.
“Be Australian, Buy
Australian – this set fulfils
all the requirements of a high
class toy” was the slogan
featured on the back page
of Morgan’s catalogue. The
slogan was in response to
the challenge in the market
place from Meccano, the first
choice of Australian youth.
During the 1960s, growing
popularity of plastic cliptogether
block construction
systems ultimately saw the
decline of metal truss sets.
Within 20 years the three
Australians had become

And for the ladies.... 
these are a lovely Chalkware pair of ladies
made by Sarem of Italy SOLD

Hope you have a great week!