Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March...... soon to be April..... where did it go?

Wow! How time fly's when you are involved with soccer!!
It was just the beginning of March a day or so ago..... now it's nearly April!!
My son is in the U12's and my husband took on the Presidents
 role of Westside Devils Junior Soccer Club last year.
I swore and declared that I wouldn't help or take
 on a position because I have a business to run.....
 hahahaha..... famous last words!
Needless to say all we do is soccer stuff, we talk soccer only.....
and I took a couple of days off when we had a long weekend
 and guess what??? we pumped up 100's of  soccer balls!!!!!
Oh well...... Mackenzie will only play soccer for a few more years!

Now down to business.....
This pair of 1940's plaster bookends are absolutely gorgeous.
They are in very good condition for their age....
with minor cracks and the odd chip.

Wouldn't they look lovely in a girls bedroom or
 if you collect plaster figures I bet you don't have a pair of these!

Mary Gregory Enamel handpainted vase....
Depicting a boy in a garden....

These vases have been handpainted in very intricate detail.
They are a milk glass (one has damage to the rim).
Would be lovely on a mantlepiece.

The top of this depression glass comport
 has been dipped in a beautiful golden yellow color.
I could imagine this full of fruit or sweets...
Great to dress up a table....

Have a great week!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Henry Jones & Peacock Apple Labels.....

Every now and then we are lucky that people give
Recycled Relix the opportunity to sell bits and pieces
of Tasmanian History.
These apple labels may have ended up on the tip
 but thankfully they thought to ask us first!

So from an Apple Orchard in Exeter....
we have some original apple lables....

Jones-Peacock Group Apple Label
21.5cm x 28cm
4 available at $20 each

W.D. Peacock Apple Label
21.5cm x 28cm
5 available at $20 each

H Jones & Co Pty Ltd Apple Label
21.5cm x 28cm
3 available at $20 each

H Jones & Co Apple Lable
21.5cm x 28cm
3 available at $20 each

H Jones & Co Apple Label
21.5cm x 28cm
3 available at $20 each

H Jones & Co Pear Label
18.5cm x 28cm
4 available at $20 each

H Jones & Co Apple Lable
23.5cm x 26cm
4 available at $20 each

We have other brands in store - all original and Tasmanian.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sale..... Sale..... Sale!!!!!

Storewide...... for a short time only...... get in Quick!!
Layby your favorite items..... to avoid disappointment!!
See you soon.....

Friday, March 4, 2011

March..... magnifique!!

Well.... March in Tasmania has started with a cold snap....
For all you interstaters that means..... 8 - 18 degrees....
I have had to wear a jacket, in the shop, for the past 2 days
 and tomorrow it is going to go as low as 3 degrees !!! 

A rare Johnny Walker
Red Label Timber Box....

A set of anodised travel cups and case
 with a lovely 3 tier blue anodised cake tin.

A set of 5 Enamel coated cannisters with
 a set of 5 Spice Cannisters.....
absolutely gorgeous!

Now for a touch of the macabre.....
This is a European.... possibly German or Austrian
Silver encased Ferret Skull.....

It is hinged so you can open the jaws....

This is a lovely piece.... a Surveyors Scope c1890 
made by TF Wiessener in its original box
 with the original label etc

Now we have lost count .... but I would have
 to say this is probably George the 6th....
Handsome chappy....

A lovely leadlight, meatsafe cabinet....
originally from the Sacred Heart Convent
and lovingly looked after....
The cabinet on top has pressed glass inserts
 and would be great as a bathroom cabinet etc SOLD

George V11
Lovely White Deer.... SOLD

This Micrometer Set is in fantastic condition
 c1930's and in its original box.
By Moore & Wright.

Lovely unusual Old Briar Pipe....

This moulded plaster Mirror has its original label
 on the back and was made in Hobart.

Ivory Letter Opener

Davidson Tartan Kilt 34" and Dress Jacket....

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!