Saturday, August 28, 2010

Daryl Braithwaite....... Australian Music Icon

When Mackenzie has a birthday so do I soon after.....
he was due on my birthday so it was nice when he arrived
 on a different date!
My treat this year was to go see Daryl Braithwaite
live at the Boathouse here in Launceston.
Here I am with a friend of ours Lisa (who knows Daryl from way back when)
and Daryl.

Daryl still has it!

He sang his favourite songs including some Sherbet.... "Howzat"

And to finish he sung "We'll go riding on the Horses" - during
which a guy asked his girlfriend to marry him.... so it was all very special!
The Venue was great, the company even better
and Daryl very sexy for a 60yr old!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

My baby is 11......

Bad Shirley has worked his magic again!
Mackenzie turned 11 on Friday and the request was put in for a soccer
themed cake and this was the result.
In addition to the football field he made 2 dozen soccer ball cupcakes
 and 1 dozen adults only cupcakes which were devine!
Happy to pass on his details should you need his talents!

Chocolate with homemade jam in the middle and lovely coconut icing.

The weather was kind to us and the 17 kids had a great time with a visit to the
exercise section of Royal Park and a soccer game - of course!
This is the party area - it was all clean and tidy - but that only
lasted 2 minutes and then they had a popcorn fight! 

For once we had 2 girls at the party.
Summer and Chelsea, who most of the boys have played with or against in soccer
or at Loft which is run by their father Garry.
I was politely told to move away from Mackenzie (by one of the other boys)
while he was preparing to cut the cake.
And of course when he cut the cake and touched the bottom
the boys all shouted that he had to kiss the closest girl!
Its really funny to watch Mackenzie get all embarrassed and interesting
to see the dynamics of the group now that they had female company.
Mackenzie had a great day and was thoroughly exhausted (as were his parents) by the end of it.
Needless to say he is already planning next years!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Snowing in them thar hills!!!

We have had a bit of a cold snap in beautiful Tasmania and one of my lovely friends
 lives near Cradle Mountain and has allowed me to use her photo's for the blog!
They are under copyright and can only be used on written approval.
This is Mrs Scarlet in the snow!

This is Dave's cabin .... absolutely beautiful and will be up for holiday accomodation....
happy to put you in touch if you would like to take a break!

These are the snowy banks of Bull Creek which is also on the property......
isn't it beautiful..... and fantastic photography!

One of the bridges on Dave's property.

It is a lovely time of year and nice to be able to show you these great photo's ....
Thanks to Dru & Dave!

Friday, August 6, 2010

OMG what a stunner!!!

Last night Madison Sarah had her school social
and didn't she scrub up ok??
Hair and Make-up by Bladerunner Hair Salon.
Dress by Myer on massive 50% off already reduced price
 and bought before school even started this year!

Madison's hair was gorgeous and really suited her..... bit Lily Allen..... bit glamorous rock chick.

This is Madi with her friend Nicolette.....

And of course Mackenzie had to have a go too!

Isn't she just gorgeous!

Madison, Georgia, Nicolette, Ashley, Andrea and Katelyn.

Couldn't end the night without another photo and the compulsary McDonalds!

Absolutely Beautiful!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August already.......

So much is happening this month.
Soccer season ends, and with Madison and Mackenzie
 both playing, it makes for exciting Saturday's.

Madison has her school social this week, so I hope to have
some glamour shots on my blog soon.

Mackenzie will turn 11 later in the month
and is planning a big birthday party (so I have to plan a big birthday party).
I am going to call on Bad Shirley to make the cake again and he can work his magic.
I think a soccer field will be the feature this year with soccer ball cup cakes....

Just a few items to wet your appetite!
This art glass ring keeper/paperweight would be lovely on a dressing table or in a display cabinet.

This is quite cute.... a lovely art glass posy vase.....
something different for those fans of Blue & White.

This 30's Case is to hold photographs.

This lovely 30's Oak Jacobean barley twist clock
is a new addition to the shop and keeps good time.
Would look great on the mantlepiece or dressing table.