Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Liberty........... or torture......... ??

Attempting to lace this Victorian Mannequin into the Liberty corset
 made me think of what the lady's of this era went through!
I have no idea why it was called a Liberty corset??
It is very unliberating and I am so thankful we don't have to wear them now. 
The mannequin is very original and has a shop label of the store
 it would have originated from in Melbourne.

Again I am thankful for the technology we have today.
This Cast iron, coal filled iron weighs a tonne and I can image the smoke
 that would have issued from its snout, all over your freshly pressed shirt!

This is a selection of items on one of our walls.
The "Deccan Hunters" plaster wall hanging is from the 60's and is nicely marked with
 the makers details and in good condition given its age.
The ship wheel barometer was made in Germany.
Our art deco smokers cabinet now houses three pipes, one is hanging in it's spot inside.

These original porcelain weights are in great condition, and have lead
 inserts in the bottom of them ensuring correct weight.

This is one of my recent market finds..... I love the shabby french
 look and although it is in the shop at present I think
 it may be coming home with me soon....

This bronze advertising boot paperweight is from Cammeyer's Shoe Store in NY.
It has a lovely feel to it and is quite a weight.

This 9ct Victorian Spinner has  bloodstone one side
and a violet colored stone the other.

Although it doesn't look all that big here, this Solid Brass Ship's clock is quite large.
It works well and is made by Smiths English Clocks Ltd.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Recycled Relix..... Hip Hip....

Recycled ReliX is 1 on Saturday and to celebrate we are having a sale!!

ALL stock will be 10% off and for those of you that mention
 this blog I will take a further 10% off the marked price.
So 20% off ALL stock
for THREE days only
this Friday, Saturday & Sunday
opening early - 10am to 4pm.
See you there!!