Friday, March 23, 2012

20% OFF Moving across the road SALE!!


Moving Across

 the Road 



Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some new items..... and some New Shop photos!!!

Life is so busy at the moment....
Soccer is starting (thank goodness)
and we have started getting the new Shop premises 
ready for the BIG move!

This is what it looks like with the BLUE paint off the windows
and the signs off the small glass windows
(who'd have know they were there?)
You can see the broken ones that needed to be replaced.

And there is a hint of the new colour on the pillars.

This is a lovely large Beswick Basket.

Art Deco style Beswick Candle Holder

And to complete the set a large Beswick Jug and 
a Beswick Posy Vase.

The shop painted!! Yeay - doesn't it look different??

Lovely Art Glass Paper Weights

Spode Trinket Box and Staffordshire Tray

Gorgeous Gem Razor  and Lillicrap's Uranium Glass Hone 

Isn't it great - with it's original box!

And today this is how the shop looks!!
Windows fixed.... its all happening!!
Don't you just love it - it is getting so exciting!!
I can't wait for the big sign to be done.....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Its Official - we are moving..... across the road!

We have been in our current location 167 York St since 
November 2009
however the owners decided to sell the building so when this
 came up we figured this was a great alternative.....
And it is 167A York St!!

So we really shouldn't miss out on any existing trade
and our advertising in the Tasmanian Antique Brochure
 wont be a waste!!

This is how it looks now......

And this is how it is going to look once Ashley Hoare,
 Signwriter, finishes with it.

Anyhow I will take photos as we go and let you see the changes.

Have a great week!