Monday, March 29, 2010

Who forgets their Wedding Anniversary???? We do!!

Well thats what happens when you work 7 days and your husband is the president of the local soccer club and the seasons about to start!

So as I wrote out an invoice yesterday I looked at the date..... and wondered why it seemed so familiar..... and then it hit me..... we have been married 11 years.

Amazing..... how time flys when you are having fun.... ha ha!

Amazing..... how you still love the man as much and more than you did 11 years ago.

Amazing..... how he is still gorgeous (even for the extra pounds) and can still make me swoon.

Ain't love grand?


  1. YEP.... i know exactly what you mean and i have been married for 42 years.... Happy Anniversary you gorgeous "kindy kids"...

    PS... i have been sorting out some things i wont want to take to the new house(i am going contempory modern)... when the girls go home next week you might want to check them out????

  2. Just wanted to leave a little note to say Thanks for following my blog!! I will pop into your shop very soon!!