Thursday, October 14, 2010

Art Nouveau.......

There's just something about Art Nouveau pieces that I like....
its probably the detail in the copper or the tulip like flowers.
This piece is a Smokers Cabinet.

The match box sits in the front with a catcher underneath for the spent matches.

Inside you can lift the lid and the pipes would have sat in the rings to the left.
The tobacco could go on the shelf or in the drawer.
And of course it would have been locked to keep the servants out!
Quite a wonderful piece of history!


  1. How gorgeous is this cabinet?!
    Thanks for your wonderful support of my new venture too! Will have to drop in and see you soon!

  2. love art nouveau!

    thanks for your kind offer Cathy, I'm going to post about it right now

    x Isis

  3. I am loving your shop front and the bow tie on that deer...i will pop in to your adorable shop next time i am in lonny.

  4. Cathy thank-you for stopping by my place, I just adore your shop and the dear is great. How dapper he is dressed for any arriving customers, he is the perfect doorman :)

    Come visit anytime and I will visit you as well. Still wish I could visit your shop.
    cheers to you girl

  5. Hi Just found your blog, hope you will visit ours.We will be sure to pay you a visit next time we are in Launceston,love the entry to your shop and the deer!chris