Friday, March 4, 2011

March..... magnifique!!

Well.... March in Tasmania has started with a cold snap....
For all you interstaters that means..... 8 - 18 degrees....
I have had to wear a jacket, in the shop, for the past 2 days
 and tomorrow it is going to go as low as 3 degrees !!! 

A rare Johnny Walker
Red Label Timber Box....

A set of anodised travel cups and case
 with a lovely 3 tier blue anodised cake tin.

A set of 5 Enamel coated cannisters with
 a set of 5 Spice Cannisters.....
absolutely gorgeous!

Now for a touch of the macabre.....
This is a European.... possibly German or Austrian
Silver encased Ferret Skull.....

It is hinged so you can open the jaws....

This is a lovely piece.... a Surveyors Scope c1890 
made by TF Wiessener in its original box
 with the original label etc

Now we have lost count .... but I would have
 to say this is probably George the 6th....
Handsome chappy....

A lovely leadlight, meatsafe cabinet....
originally from the Sacred Heart Convent
and lovingly looked after....
The cabinet on top has pressed glass inserts
 and would be great as a bathroom cabinet etc SOLD

George V11
Lovely White Deer.... SOLD

This Micrometer Set is in fantastic condition
 c1930's and in its original box.
By Moore & Wright.

Lovely unusual Old Briar Pipe....

This moulded plaster Mirror has its original label
 on the back and was made in Hobart.

Ivory Letter Opener

Davidson Tartan Kilt 34" and Dress Jacket....

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. Those canisters make me nostalgic for Mums cakes!!
    We bought a cream and red one for our shack and love it.
    Promise il pop in next week.

  2. Lovely stuff... those canisters are familiar to me too, my gran had them but where are they now?? :))