Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Antique Possum.......

Only joking....
"Bitey Scratchy" is being looked after by one of
my clients and she is very cute!
She paid me a visit today and I couldn't resist
a photo.

We try to change the front window once a week
to display new wares and create interest.
This week we went for Orange.
It's such a fresh color for the cooler months.
Its a happy color.

Spot Cath in the window.

Now this is really unique and interesting.
Great for the car enthusiast.
Its a Corgi Comics Lunar Bug.

This is a tiny Diecast BSA Motorcycle & Sidecar.
Made in England with RAC on the front of the Sidecar.
Do you know anything about this??
We would love to know more....

We need to know more about this....... See the RAC
mark on the front of the Sidecar.

Vintage Deer Head Coat Rack

Wolseley Drivers Handbook

Studebaker Shop Manual 1959-60

"Bitey Scratchy" Antique Possum

Hope you have a great week.

Let me know what you think of the new goodies....


  1. Thought you may have had a stuffed possum Cathy!!
    The orange window looks fab. Gosh I remember gazing at orange displays in the 70s. I can almost smell the insence.

  2. Love all of your new acquisitions! Bitey Scratchy is bound to draw in the shopping crowds:)