Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yay!! Daylight Saving is here!!!

Here in Sunny Launceston we look forward to Daylight Saving.
So this morning we woke up and all our
 clocks were put forward 1 hour.

I always seem to get a bit confused with Daylight Saving - 
yesterday morning I was convinced it had started and was 
trying to work out why the phone time had not gone forward - 
it wasn't until I gave up and turned the radio on that I realised 
I was a day early!

Recycled Relix will have been open for 2 years in November
 - my how time flys when you are having fun!!

Here are some new interesting pieces we have in store now:

c1940/50s Novelty Ashtray - the fan and legs move!

Another addition to our growing Chalkware family - farm Girl.

Vintage Hand-painted Vase

Japanese Bowl

Melon Mug 

Staffordshire Serving Bowl

Wembley Ware Lobster Serving Plate

Antique Grain Sampler

This is one of my favourite pieces at the moment - 
it is an unusually keyed Antique Lock -
 must have had a split key??

Cast Iron Bird Bath - another of my favourites.
Could imagine planting succulents in this.

Number 15 - anyone??

Antique Lock - opened. 

A rather large set of Salter No2 Spring Balanced Scales.

Tasmanian Convict Brick 

Tasmanian Convict Brick

Art Deco Bakelite game - Tote

Hope you all have a great week - enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Gorgeous pieces, I can remember growing up with the Lobster serving plate, which zipped out on special occasions.

  2. Hi... would you be interested in selling the 2 convict bricks? with thanks Debra 0414 800 481