Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We are all tizzied up and ready for the holiday rush!

I can be quite creative when I put my mind to it....
so when I spotted some Deer antlers I bought the lot 
with decorating the shop in mind.... and after some 
tizzying with calico
Here is one of the pairs....

Would look great hanging from the mantle over a fireplace.
I have three of these in different sizes
and 5 singles.....

I also got my sewing arm on and, after seeing Judes bunting
I learnt how to make them with the easy step by step guide 
thanks Josie Crafter!
So with the help (or hinderance) of my 12 year old son, Mackenzie
 (he had to do the sewing machine pedal)
I made two lots of 5 metres for the shop windows.

Here is the finished product with a set of antlers....

And the other window..... sorry for the glare!

Back to tempting you now.... here is 
a lovely Wembley Ware Lobster Dish..... 
unusual in the green.

Westminster Old English Roses Milk Jug, Sugar Bowl
and Cake Plate

Royal Winton Gravy Boat and Apple Sauce Dish.....

Stuart Crystal Water Jug and Glass set - with the 
original stickers.... doesn't look like its been used....

Three Sandland Ware pieces, Milk Jug & Sugar Bowl
and Pin Dish.....

22 carat Milk Jug & Sugar Bowl set - as new

Anyhow I hope you have a great week!
Pop into the shop and have a closer look when you can.


  1. Hey Cathy,
    I see mum inspired you with her bunting! she is sure great at them, yours looks great too!
    I love the antlers, they are so popular right now too!
    That English roses milk jug is adorable too
    Kate :)

  2. Nice to see I have inspired you Cathy, the buntings are just so christmassy aren't they? They seem to be all the go in England, and so easy to make, although yours looks very professional - double sided? I really love your Royal winton gravy boat and sauce dish.

    cheers Jude

  3. Cathy you have been tempting me for days with those little tables in a nest outside!! Now all this. Il be in.

  4. wow clever clogs you with the bunting theme...now you will habe to make some in red and green for Christmas.....

  5. Love your bunting! and it looks gorgeous with the antlers! Aaaah Wembley ware - I have a red lobster plate that was one of the first things that started off my collecting many moons ago... the green lobster is gorgeous!