Thursday, February 9, 2012

Frantic February !!!

Things are rather hectic in our household at the moment.....
might be something to do with Mackenzie starting high school
or the fact that Soccer Season is nearly upon us....

Anyhow I have some new interesting bits in store now....

Lovely Iron House Sign - Roslyn 
the numbers can be removed in need....

Enid Gilchrist is somewhat of a legend in the 50's 
for producing pattern books for boys and girls.....
I have five to choose from with fantastic styles
 for that avid sewer.....

This is a special edition of the Illustrated London News
for the Exhibition - dated May 12, 1951.

Lovely Australian made Rocking Horse or Bouncer
c1950's great for age!

Hope you all have a great week.....

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  1. Hi sir;

    I saw some very nice estate meers on your blog.I love meerschaum pipes but they are very hard to find here.I get my new ones at from Storient meerschaums

    Please share more

    Share more of your meerschaum pipes..thats great ..

    can you give me yr email ?

    John Kahrs