Friday, June 25, 2010

New Additions....... we are in our 8th Month!

We have the privilege of having a complete, 1950's No 10, Meccano set for sale for a limited time.
This set is for the collector or enthusiast and has been fanatically set out and displayed.
The car is not a part of the set but to show , those who don't know what Meccano is, what the children of the 50's used to play with.

A fan shaped Art Deco Mirror.

This Jug, Basin and Chamber Pot is an immaculate J & G Meakin "Emerald" set.
It would look lovely on a washstand or dressing table.

This is the only Fox in Tasmania! And he is stuffed!
He really is nice and soft and has been quickly snapped up already.
The Brass & Copper Hunting Horn is still available and would look great in the pool room or den. 

The photo just doesn't do this Knife & Fork Set justice.
With a setting for 12 this EPNS set would look great in a kitchenalia display.
It has a Mahogany case especially made for it and if it were mine I wouldn't be parting with it!

This is an early Oak Apothecary Box with glass front, lift up lid and seperate drawer.
It is in fantastic condition and again the photo does not do it justice.
On top of the box we have a Kodak Folding six-20 and a Polaroid Land Camera 80A. Both are in fantastic condition and good representatives of their era.

An original Oil by Siggi Isra from Mermaid Beach in Queensland.

This is a Retro Children's chair in fantastic original condition.

Pop in and tell me that you have read my blog and receive a 10% discount on your next purchase!

See you then.


  1. Congrats on reaching 8 months! Here's to many more!
    Dropped in the other week and loved the Meccano set too! The other half is still talking about it!

  2. lovely to finally "meet in the flesh"... i am gathering up a little stash for you to come check out soon.... ( the burger was good by the way)

  3. What an amazing shop so full of Character If ever I get to visit Tasmania I would love to visit :-)

  4. I just love those round chairs. I always wanted my parents to get one. Great find. Love your new background picture. Congrats on your business working too. I came here from Loz and Dinny. Cherrie

  5. hi you on the list for the loan of the book
    the wall decoration is small gage wrought iron
    yes i would love you to look for something very chic for my dining area...has to be just right and have WOW factor...(i know i dont want much do I????)