Friday, July 23, 2010

Beautiful Winter Days!

Don't you just love Winter??
I do - don't like being hot!!
Here's Fred enjoying the beautiful Sunshine..... he is a Hawks supporter today.
He has been a Socceroo's supporter (fat lot of good it did them!!), and hopefully this weekend
he will be a Melbourne Victory Supporter!

One of our new additions.... an Art Nouveau Framed 1910 photo taken in Hobart.

This is our front window with a lovely selection of 50's Judge Ware Enamel Pots etc.
Note the lovely Oak Apothecary Box, and the Elm and Beech Cottage Chairs (c 1830)

This Grand Secretaire has some fantastic Tasmanian Provenance.
It was originally owned by Francis Cotton who was an original settler, on the East Coast, of a property called Kelvedon.
The Cotton family were Quakers and had a lot to do with the local Aborigines.
The 1860's secretaire is made from Rimu, Kauri, Huon and Rosewood timbers and is in lovely condition.

One of our windows.

A closer look of some of our pieces.
The Carving Chair has some great history attached - it was owned by a one legged blacksmith.
He had been working on a farm, droving on horse back, when something spooked the horse and it ended up falling on him crushing his leg.
He wasn't found for days and when he was, it was too late to save his leg. 
His grandson remembers sitting on his knee in this chair. 
The Chair has some great repairs in iron completed by the blacksmith and showing his skill of his craft. 

Another window..... with one of my favourite Snow Leopard Chairs..... one of a set of 6!

A skillfully carved horn, now a peacock reflected in a lovely Art Deco mirror.

And another window...... love that shop!!


  1. So many beautiful things!! I wish I could come visit your shop, a bit too far for me though! I'm so glad you were able to find a background that you could use for your blog, this one suits it perfectly.

  2. You have such a great eye for things. I must pop in again soon. Without the kids preferably!! Thanks for your comment. Nice to get a shop owner's perspective!

  3. I love the old box cameras. Fun for set up scenes in photos! Thanks for popping over to my blog!!!! Mum talks about your shop alot!

  4. Thank you Cathy, So excited that you would want a step by step how to. A do it yourself post on my redo of the antique desk.

    I just paint, layer, stain it with rubbing spirits to evaporate paint to give it discolored spots and age, and then I go for it with lots of sanding :)

    Thank you for asking and should have made a utube of it...LOL! :)
    I will see you soon girl