Thursday, April 28, 2011

Feeding time...... new additions.....

Its always exciting when we get new pieces in....
researching and cleaning take up most of the time....
This time I made sure I took photo's as I went so
I didn't forget to show you all the goodies....

This is a lovely Vintage Plaster piece which I have called
"Feeding Time"
Lovely lustre to the paint and nice detail. 

An old bone chine Cruet Set

Handpainted Milk Glass Vase c1930's

1930's Art Deco Newtone Art Ware Bakewell, Sydney Vase

Vintage Brass Crab Ashtray

Vintage Brass Bellows Lighter..... really unusual!

Retro colored Pooles Pottery Pot

This is one of my favourite clever things......
Serving Bowl, plates and tray.....
Look what happens when you put it together!

Isn't it gorgeous??
How clever and really nice to present nibbles or cocktails in....

Let me know what you think!


  1. Oh Cathy you make me want to come to your shop, we have four lovely pieces of Newtone, it is my hubbys favourite.

  2. My favourites are the birds, the crab and the serving set. The crab is kind of ringing a bell back in my memory bank somewhere. I get the feeling that I may have bought one of these (brand new) for someone when I was little??? The memory is elusive but I can almost catch the whiff of a smell, maybe the box or from the shop interior where I bought it...almost like a kindy port.

  3. I love that vintge brass bellows lighter

  4. Love the hand painted vase from the 30s.