Saturday, August 27, 2011

Interesting quality pieces..... nice to have in store!

Things are hectic here in Launceston, we have just had an interstate
 visitor and are just about to get another one.....

Things get postponed when it doesn't relate to
 housework and Soccer at the moment.

The Soccer season ends today (YAHOO!!) and so
 we are in the final stages of preparation for trophy day.

Nearly 400 trophy's to be set out into their teams
 in readiness for all the players tomorrow.

Anyhow..... down to business.....

This is a lovely 1930's McHugh Dog Doorstop.

He is rather rare and a handsome chappy
 and in great condition for his age.

This Walnut Pedestal Tilt Top Table is stunning
 and would be a lovely formal dining table.

Art Deco Mantle Clock 

Display in our Kitchen

Remington Noiseless Typewriter in original case c1930's

View from one of our rooms....

Edwardian Toilet Mirror

Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. OH i adore that dog Cathy.... he is gorgeous...what a find!!!
    glad you are busy girls need a mornign to grab a hot choc and catch up...soon XXX

  2. Love the typewriter!!!!! Beautiful objects as usual. You have such a wonderful eye, Cathy x

  3. Far too many things to NEED Cathie !
    I'm eyeing off those vases in the window next ;)

  4. Sorry - you know I mean NEED as in WANT - I NEED a vase for my flowers, rather then I WANT that nice depression ware green one . . . .

  5. Love the dog Kathy, I have a Mchugh large green pot in the very same green. :)