Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yay!! Spring is here..... beautiful blue skies!!

Tassie has turned it on today......
there is nothing like clear blue skies
 with the odd cotton wool ball cloud!

This Retro Bobble Head Money Box is a rarity.....
usually they are damaged or incomplete but this one is
perfect and very cute!

This is a local Launceston lad who went to WW11.
His name is John Dargan and he was a Corporal
 and saw action in El Alamein and Tobruk.

One of his relatives (I think his mum) has gone to the trouble 
of sticking an article from a newspaper at the time.

She has also recorded his service number
 and his Battalion and Division details.

This is a Hobart lad - Arthur Bowen - we think.
The photo has been hand tinted and is signed by
 an Art Studio in Hobart and dated 1907. 
He was in the 40th Battalion (Infantry) during World War 1

Rather cute retro Coffee or side table.

This pottery and timber lamp is from the 60's/70's
 and was made by an Australian pottery company Rathjen.

Hope this weather continues.....

Have a great weekend!


  1. How young they look. There is an Arthur Gordon Bowen on the roll of honour at the Australian War Memorial site. It says that he died 1916 in Hobart. I wonder if that was a as a result of wounds?

  2. i always get sad seeing photos of handsome young men who have gone off to war to fight for our freedom...(I feel the same when i see old posed serious family photos too)..when i realize that someone has discarded them becasue there is NO family to hand them down sad is that????

  3. That's a coffee table & a it!!