Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope you have all had a nice break with your families.

We enjoyed the New Year Fireworks in Launceston 
 they were quite spectacular and very loud!

For those of you with interstate families (like us)
we also had to see the QLD New Year in
which meant staying awake till 1am and then talking to 
my brother till 1.30am!

Somehow he thinks Tassie is backward yet
 Tasmania saw the New Year in FIRST.....
So I don't see his logic!

Anyhow back to business....

I have some unusual and interesting items to show you.....

This is a 19th Century Leather covered Travelling Inkwell 
Nicely decorated and in pretty good condition
given its age.....

One WW2 German Army Pin, 
an Italian Fascist Pin from the Mussolini era,
and a Russian Supreme Commando Regiment Pin.
(Thanks Neil Harris for correcting me !)

A lovely Brass Railway Lamp c1904
with a Red Glass Lense and rear clear glass lenses either side.
It would have been used to indicate the end of the train or carriage.

A Jews Harp.....
if you want to learn how to play this (you put it in your mouth)
have a look on You Tube.....

This is one of my favourite pieces at the moment....
It is a knife..... late 1800's early 1900's....
This is how you would have it in your pocket.

Then you slide the middle bit out....
open up the knife

Then slide it back in and it clicks in place....
ready to use..... how good is this???

Schick Injector Razor
c1930's with a butterscotch bakelite handle
in its original case and box!

Lovely Sovereign and coin holder with a 
9ct Gold Fob Medallion with 2 rifles.

This is a Swiss Made lighter by Thorens
very special .... when it is closed
 you push the button to open and it lights
as it opens.... lovely workmanship.

The picture doesn't do this Victorian Vesta 
justice..... it is  a lovely piece.....
 has a nice feel to it. 
The matches go in under the elephants chin and 
to light the match you strike it down its back.
Could be worn on a chain......

I do have some other new pieces but unfortunately
my camera and I don't get a long sometimes.....
I have a Royal Navy Badge and an Australian Airforce Pin as well.

Anyhow I hope you are having a great week!


  1. Happy New Year! You know, I have this vision of visiting Tassie one day and that I will go down to your shop and you will be standing in the doorway, just like the picture on your header! Wouldn't that be fun? x

  2. Happy New Year too !
    eclectica a collection as ever, expect nothing less from you two !
    Like that coin thingy - such style :)