Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hot & Humid in Tassie.....?? For a day or two anyway!

We moved 5 years ago this month to Tasmania
for a reprieve from the Queensland heat and humidity.
The first week we were here it was 30 degrees 
and I was so upset and wondered what had we done!
Anyhow I have learnt now that even if we do have A hot day
it is just that 1 day, maybe 2 then Tassie does 
what it does best and turns on the 23/24 degree 
blue sky days....
Today with an expected 29 degrees - I can not wait for tomorrow!

Meanwhile in business land we are seeing a few tourists....
and here are some of the new items in store now.....

Original Disney Bambi and a smaller version

Lovely Retro Ballerina placemats in original box

Retro Kissing Whales - wall plaques

Lucas Motorbike Light c 1930s

Retro Orange Glass Canister and Old Bread Board

Vintage 50/60s Grosvenor Diana EPNS Cutlery set 
in original box and does not look like it has been used!

Vintage Costume Jewelry

Vintage Oroton purse and Glomesh style purses 
and compact

Wade Heath Butterfly Plate, Thorley Rose Log Vase
Rabbits souvenir ware

Sterling Silver handled Bread/Wedding Cake knife
Crystal trinket box and tray 

Large Crystal Vase with large mouth for
huge bunches of flowers!

Large Crystal Jug

Retro Inland Glass Platter and retro tile tray

Mother of pearl Butterfly trinket box and 
Rikaro Crystal Paperweight

Harper Scales & Weights

Krups Comet Scales

1930s Holy Bible, Bridal Bible and miniature Holy Bible

Hope you have a lovely week!


  1. I realize this post was from 6 months ago, but is there any chance you still have the Grosvenor cutlery set pictured here?

  2. Goodness Me .. I have only just found you and it's now 1 Jan 2017. I'm pretty sure the Grosvenor cutlery set has gone after 5years of being on your page. History - 8 years ago, I bought the exact same set in a rural town called Warwick Qld, at a Vintage Antique store, which closed not long after. I regret not buying more pieces of other styles of plated cutlery sets. However, I bought ALL of the pieces of the exact EPSN A1 as above. And, it's only just LAST week that I removed them from their sealed box, threw out all my crappy stainless steel sets, and am now enjoying my Grosvenor. What a beautiful set they are. I WISHED i opened them up and began using them sooner. IS THERE ANY possibility you might still have the set for sale???? My email is ... I would love to hear from you.

    Eri' Carey
    Kingaroy Qld