Friday, October 12, 2012

It will soon be Christmas!!

How time fly's ??
Christmas is fast approaching, it only seems like yesterday
 when we relocated Recycled Relix
but its been 6 months!

We are also coming up to our 3rd Anniversary which is something
 to be proud of given this economic climate.

We have had some very hectic weeks with the end of Soccer (yeay!) 
and rearranging the shop as the stock goes in and out.

We have a very interesting assortment and I have taken a few photo's 
of some of my favourite bits at the moment.


A lovely Edwardian hand painted 4 leaf screen
with river scenes on one side and native flora on the other. 

An original Ed H Thompson Watercolor and hand painted
 Apprentice piece from the exhibition in London - mid 1800's.

A closer picture of the Ed H Thompson Watercolor -
he was renowned for painting the Cumbria landscape
in particular the Lake District.

This lovely Apprentice piece is hand painted and is purported to 
be from the Great Exhibition in London in the mid 1800's. It has a lable 
underneath and is a lovely piece.

Deer Skull and Horns - great for decorating the bar or man cave.

A really unusual set of Antique Scales - if you know anything about
 these I would love to know more! 

Two hand painted still life's of fruit c1833 in gilt frames
 and signed by the artist.

Deer skull and horns - again would be a great 
statement piece above the mantlepiece!

Lovely framed picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Two glass pictures and lovely hand painted roses 
on tin plaque.

Heavy Iron Carrier - possibly for Motor Oil Bottles
Would make a great umbrella holder or just a nice
piece to decorate with.

Really large framed paintings of birds on the water 
signed - in original untouched condition.

Extremely heavy - large Bevelled Edge Mirror with Gilt frame
 and hand painted roses on the glass - would look lovely over a

A view of the Blue and White - in particular the 
Burleigh Ware Calico Canister set on top!

Large and heavy Old Ships Wheel with 
a really nice patina.
Would be a great addition to your nautical collection or a feature in 
your bar or man cave.

Anyhow I hope you have a great weekend and
hope to see you in the store soon.


  1. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! And yeah, I almost bought a Christmas magazine today. I ended up putting it back on the rack, but I have a feeling I'll succumb before long.

    1. Thanks Kristen! We are gearing up for Christmas are these are our busiest months. Next month is 3 years so we will have to celebrate then.

  2. NO WAY..has it been 6 months already???? and i am sure that 3 years was yesterday....Christmas is only days away i know...why do we let our lives become bench marked by calendar dates???? like i will be in to see you tomorrow! or 8 more weeks till Christmas!!! life is fast ebbing away....NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO please help....(that is the drama queen in me brought her out) love all the pieces you have chosen to promises anymore i am coming in XXXXX

  3. A very collection of art work Cathy.
    Congratulations on your anniversary.

  4. So happy your business is doing so well ~ congratulations! Hope you're going to celebrate properly:)


  5. Oh that blue china!!!! Im in love

  6. What treasures in your store! I too am especially loving the blue and white china!
    Kate :)

  7. If I visited your shop I wouldn't know where to start.

    I absolutely love the Apprentice piece chair.