Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We turn 3 this month!! WOW!!

We turn 3 on 13th November so with that in mind
 we putting up our Christmas bunting and tizzying the 
place in readiness.

It has been a long hard slog but we have enjoyed the
bumpy ride. Hopefully we can continue on for many years yet!

Here are some of our new items in store now!

Our front door looking gorgeous with the wreath and the 
old ships wheel....

The front entrance to the shop....

A lovely 1880's Silk Picture by Thomas Stevens ...
also known as a Stevensgraph
"The Home Stretch"

c1880 Silk Picture by Thomas Stevens 
"The Slip"

A very heavy pair of bookends....
The Whaleman of New Bedford c1930

c1928 Royal Doulton Series Ware
"Coaching Days"

Lovely pair of small wall plaques by
Bing & Grondahl of Denmark

This is a relatively early Lolly Jar:
Quality Sweetacres Products registered ROCKJAR
service of James Stedman - Hendersons Sweets Ltd
Rosebery Sydney NSW.

Open for business 7 days a week!

Pop in and say hello!


  1. Congratulations! Seems to have gone me at least. Well done and many more x

  2. Happy 3rd birthday!! How time flies.

    You've done a great on the shop. Love your wreath, the white flowers really stand out against the red door.

    You have some many beautiful items, I really like the lolly jar, bookends and the ships wheel.