Friday, December 14, 2012

Street Art Update .... and some gorgeous gift ideas!!

The Traffic Control Box has been completed after at
 least 36 hours of hard slog.

Bella did a fantastic job and we have had some wonderful feedback
on the project and volunteers from all walks of life to do others.

The Launceston City Council would like to see the remaining 499
 boxes decorated also.

As Bella has a very detailed way of completing her art it was very
 time consuming back breaking at times but she succeeded in 
completing it beautifully.

The finished product!
Just one of those doily's took 3 hours to complete!

Stylized Chandelier - my favourite....

The article in the Examiner.... 


Now for some special gift ideas....


Here are a lovely pair of EPNS Dance Purses.... c1920's
You would wear them on your finger so you could still dance
Such a graceful way to do it....

Some Vintage Bling Brooches....
great to dress up a jacket.... or dress.

Lovely Vintage Jewelry 

A lovely Antique Oak Filing Chest...
Absolutely one of my favourite things!

Two Model T Ford Coils... for the car
enthusiast or someone who loves wood and
the detail in these pieces.

Another of my favourites.... an urn full of 
Deer Antlers.... great on a rustic table....
Very French!

And to close.... this is our lovely wreath on our 
red front door.... love it!

We hope you have a great weekend,
pop in soon!
We are happy to gift wrap your present purchases.


  1. Congratulations :))
    Wouldn't it be great if all Councils took up the challenge :))
    Merry Christmas to you and your family :))

  2. Wow, how good is Bella - she is to be congratulated on a great job. It's also a wonderful piece of art work.

    All councils should be as forward thinking as yours.

    Bella, take a bow.

  3. Bella has done an AMAZING piece of artwork on those hideous boxes..cant wait to see all the ones around town done a tribute to her the front door and all the bits you have chosen to show...still coming..hope you are not waiting by the door???.another Melbourne trip and another op this week...tell all soon..XXXX