Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Traffic Control Box Transformation..... ???

It all started on Facebook.....
one of Madison's friends Bella was saying how she would love
 to do some "street art" ..... so I suggested she paint 
the ugly graffiti covered Traffic Control Box
 that is adjacent to Recycled Relix.

So when Bella said yes I made a few phone calls and finally
had a call from a gentleman at Launceston City Council.
It turns out that the Mayor Albert Van Zetten has also wanted 
these unsightly boxes to be a work of art!

So after some design tooing and froing we had the first photo
shoot today with Launceston's Mayor Albert Van Zetten.
The Box will be painted to create a clean slate and then
weather permitting Bella will start her work of art on Sunday.

Due to the nature of the corner (it is as noisy and busy as anything)
Bella will commence on Sunday with full traffic control i.e. 
the speed limit will be reduced to 40 and she will have signage
 and barriers placed on the road to ensure she
 doesn't literally stop traffic!
She also has to wear full safety gear including a 
hat (to prevent sunburn) so she will be very 
visible in her fluorescent vest!

The artist in residence Bella Perkett with Launceston
Mayor Albert Van Zetten and the offending
Traffic Control Box

Bella's before shot.

In liaison with Julie from the council - its all systems go!

The soon to be transformed Traffic Control Box!
Watch this space for progress shots.


  1. Really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with. How exciting, I think I should bring down champagne on Sunday.

  2. What an ugly box!

    Good on you for going the extra distance to make this happen, looking forward to see what it looks like when Bella has transformed it.

  3. you are amazing girl...what a fantastic thing to do for the city...it could become the very tourist draw card the city needs...especially if other artists get involved and they do all the boxes...well done ambassador you (i am still coming to have a hot choccie with you...keep watching at the door and make sure you are sitting down when i come through it...he he)

  4. What a great idea, I can't wait to see what Bella has in store for the ugly box...

    Thank you for stopping by my blog,


  5. Looking forward to seeing the transformation!

    With a smile,

  6. Fabulous idea,, Maybe a contract in the making for all traffic boxes in Lonnie.. Well done :)) More pics please..