Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is it......

Ok, after reading one of my friendly customers blogs I am hooked!

Michael, Mackenzie and I went to the Niche Market on the weekend to have a look at "Loz and Dinny's" stall.

I saw Gemma in the paper during the week advertising the market and I was shocked!

Shocked because I actually knew someone in the paper and shocked because I didn't know that she made vintage style little girl dresses.

So we went along, after being at the Deloraine markets since 6.30am, and really enjoyed our time there.

Gemma is so talented and I love her whole concept of the vintage style clothing plus the Loz and Dinny lable. There is nothing nicer than to incorporate the great influences of your life - in her case her mum and grandma. You can see her clothing and blog at http://www.lozanddinny.com.au/

Gemma handed me her business card with her blog because apparently she had a picture of her last purchase at my market stall at Inveresk Markets in Launceston. So of course I had to have a look and instead of leaving it at that, I had to read it all!

So hopefully I will get the hang of this and this will be the first of many posts.

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  1. you are so so lovely! I tell you - this is addictive - you have been warned!