Monday, May 11, 2009


Wow! What a day we had at Inveresk Markets!
We had a record day and met lots of lovely people.
This is just one corner of our stall.

This is some of our Shabby Shic furniture and Plus Size Ladies Clothes.

Here's the wonderful Michael being a bit silly on his side of the stall.

I went to check on Mackenzies hair do (he gets corn rows done by the lovely ladies at the market) and Michael managed to sell 2 dressing tables and a hutch!

We now have some big holes in our stall so we will be hunting for more quality pieces before next Sunday.

This is the latest addition to my Mirrors - it is quite a big mirror (not that it looks like it here) - I am sure it will find a lovely home soon.

I love these ducks - they are a cast iron door stop - quite old and very heavy. Too Cute!

I'd have to say this First Aid or Medicine Cabinet is one of my all time favourite purchases - it looked so good on my kitchen bench - I really wanted to keep it!
I obviously have great taste because no sooner had I put it on display, it sold! I was so disappointed :) not really but it was something I would have loved to keep.

Have a look at the new depression piece I picked up just recently - made from old bottle crates or apple boxes and the drawers are old kerosene tins. A lot of people were commenting on how unusual it is or how their mum used to have something like it.
That is part of the fun, doing what we do, so many people have flash backs to their childhood or to a period in their life when they can remember having one "just like that"!
Anyhow we had a wonderful day and made some new friends along the way.


  1. I am heading to Melbourne this weekend ... but I am so in need of a fissick at inveresk - that medicine cabinet is gorgeous! and one of our mirrors smashed so I gues there is just more reason to pay off the lay by and get another one too xx

  2. that's fossick - can't spell tonight!