Tuesday, May 5, 2009

At the Inveresk Markets....

Our site has evolved from surplus furniture and bric-a-brac covering 2 spots to 3 and now 4 - and that is it - no more!

I enjoy finding interesting items and try my hardest to keep my regular customers happy.

Salt and Pepper shakers are popular - I have a lady who collects unusual ones and she often remarks on how I have so many different types. She recently bought a wooden kangaroo and joey in its pouch, from me, and just recently bought a pair of ducks and a pair of brown onions (I had never seen S & P shakers in onion form before). I just keep an eye out for the unusual ones but the normal ones sell just as well.

Mirrors are always a well sort after item. Bevelled edged mirrors are in short supply and very popular. I have a lady who has a wall full - so not just the odd one or two but a complete wall - how fantastic would that look. Just before Christmas a nice guy who had bought 2 mirrors came back and bought 2 more - as presents for his mates - they had commented on how nice his were. Recently 2 went to Sydney as walk on luggage and the lady who bought them was so happy!

Cows are popular, pigs too, teddy bears sell well so I have to make sure that there is plenty of choice. Shabby Chic is also popular - amazing how some people like it and some people hate it!

Retro furniture, both bedroom and kitchen, are continually a favourite plus all the things to decorate your home with. Canisters, tins, plates, ornaments from that era are great to look at and usually are shown in the brightest colors. Old record and radio players are popular too.

Just recently I stumbled upon some Depression furniture - it is a yellow shelf system with drawers made out of Kerosene tins. I think it would look great in a retro/country kitchen, or laundry or even in a garage. It has been in my stall for a week and many people have commented on how great it looks.

One of my "baby's" that I am growing and nurturing is my Plus Sized Ladies Clothes. I sell quality new and second hand plus size clothes for the voluptuous woman. Again this evolved from a clearout of my wardrobe - amazing how many items still had their tags on and had never been worn! Ladies were amazed that they could actually buy plus sized clothes at the market and I soon had a regular following. The only thing was, I couldn't raid my wardrobe anymore otherwise I would have nothing to wear! So I now buy through ebay, garage sales and second hand shops. My mum in Queensland also hunts for them and posts parcels down each week to add to my collection. I have trained her to buy the things I like and not to buy too "grannyfied" clothing. Although I do sell to all ages. My maximum price is $15.00 so it enables the ladies to buy numerous items for the price of 1 in a shop.

The stall evolves every week and that is the thrill of it for my regular clients and for me!

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