Saturday, December 18, 2010

Meccano rarity's...... and a Marklin Set......

For all you Meccano fanatics or toy collectors,
 here are some special bits,
 you might like to fill your stocking with.......

With our current sale, these items
 will only be at the 10% off - no further discounts will apply.

Some of the items available.

One of the rarest Meccano pieces on offer, this 1929
Meccano Steam engine is in its original box.
$995.00 SOLD

The 1929 Meccano Steam Engine..... or Donkey
$ 995.00 SOLD

1920's Meccano Magic Clockwork Motor
$125.00 SOLD

Original Instructions and Box with motor and key.
$125.00 SOLD

Meccano No 6 set $445.00 REDUCED to $295.00!! SOLD

Meccano No 6 Booklet and bits $445.00 REDUCED to $295.00!! SOLD

Meccan No 6 pieces. $445.00 the set. REDUCED to $295.00!! SOLD

What can you make? SOLD

Fire Engine. SOLD

Meccano Clockwork Motor. $250.00 SOLD

Meccano Clockwork Motor, key and original instructions.
$250.00 SOLD

c1912 Meccano Butter Churn...... $545.00 SOLD

Meccano Tin $48.00 SOLD

1920's Meccano Cardboard Sign $130.00 SOLD

Marklin Construction Set - Never Used
$550.00 SOLD

As new..... $550.00 SOLD

Has the instruction to make this plane. SOLD

All items are in the shop now,
so call me on 6333 88 66  if you want me to hold
 something for you - otherwise it may be gone!


  1. Cathy ... just showed Dunc. He is impressed. He is thinking of trading one of the boys in ...

  2. Hello, Can you please email me regarding the Meccano you have. Thanks

  3. Hi Cathy & Michael, great to meet you yesterday. Great site!! Kind Regards Ross

  4. Hello. I'm interested in the MECCANO Steam Engine.

    Can you contact me at