Friday, December 10, 2010

Meccano heaven..... the ultimate!

We are very privileged to have a c1958 No 10  Meccano Set
 in our shop for sale at $2500.00.
It is like new and I can't tell if it has been used at all.

Pristine condition.... lovely Blue and Yellow color combination.
Top Drawer.

This is with some of the layers out - Top Drawer.

Second Drawer..... with packets of nuts and bolts and Boy thingy's!

Now for the ooohhh ahhhhh...... it has every book you could possibly want!
No1, No 2/3/4, No 5/6/7 & 8

It has booklet No 9, PLUS a whole folder full of No 10 Instruction leaflets!

You can build a Railway Service Crane or a Dumper Truck
 amongst numerous other documented creations!

Third Drawer and some of its layers.

Fourth Drawer......

The End!
P.S. The Meccano car is for display only and is not included in the set.

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