Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's happened again!!!.......

Thank goodness for Laminated Glass!
This is what we were greeted with this morning...... two smashed windows
 and the deadlock keeper ripped from the timber......
must have been some force.

We obviously have lots of thing that people want in our shop!!
The padlock on the front door saved us..... so no little or big intruders!

Isn't this a statement.... from the 50's
this Lancastrian B.O.A.C plane is gorgeous!
The plane can be positioned to suit and it would be fantastic
 as an Art Deco statement in any house.

The Sterling Silver perfume bottle to the left
 is from Birmingham c1809 and would be lovely on a dressing table.

The water bottle to the right is exactly what I need today
 as it is soooooo hot here in beautiful Launceston.
I think it is close to 28 degrees right now.
 Not good, I say, don't know where we could move from here if it get's too much hotter!

Market find...... on the left that is.....
Just shows you in comparison to my wedding/engagement
 ring how big the stone is....

It is 9ct gold and a Golden Topaz????
or something to that effect - I forgot to write it down......
I am taking after my mother..... today anyway!

Anyhow this is my christmas present from the kids and Michael.....
Just what I want, under $100 and it fits!


  1. So sorry this happened to you, It really is the pits, at least they didn't get into the shop.Your ring is gorgeous enjoy it! Christina

  2. there always has to be some rotter who does something destructive for the fun of it....dont you wish that cops had been arond to catch then...they never are though...thank goodness for insurance and laminated glass hey???? Love that ring...good on you for getting what you want ...enjoy it.