Saturday, August 28, 2010

Daryl Braithwaite....... Australian Music Icon

When Mackenzie has a birthday so do I soon after.....
he was due on my birthday so it was nice when he arrived
 on a different date!
My treat this year was to go see Daryl Braithwaite
live at the Boathouse here in Launceston.
Here I am with a friend of ours Lisa (who knows Daryl from way back when)
and Daryl.

Daryl still has it!

He sang his favourite songs including some Sherbet.... "Howzat"

And to finish he sung "We'll go riding on the Horses" - during
which a guy asked his girlfriend to marry him.... so it was all very special!
The Venue was great, the company even better
and Daryl very sexy for a 60yr old!!


  1. What a great way to spend your birthday celebrations!

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