Monday, August 23, 2010

My baby is 11......

Bad Shirley has worked his magic again!
Mackenzie turned 11 on Friday and the request was put in for a soccer
themed cake and this was the result.
In addition to the football field he made 2 dozen soccer ball cupcakes
 and 1 dozen adults only cupcakes which were devine!
Happy to pass on his details should you need his talents!

Chocolate with homemade jam in the middle and lovely coconut icing.

The weather was kind to us and the 17 kids had a great time with a visit to the
exercise section of Royal Park and a soccer game - of course!
This is the party area - it was all clean and tidy - but that only
lasted 2 minutes and then they had a popcorn fight! 

For once we had 2 girls at the party.
Summer and Chelsea, who most of the boys have played with or against in soccer
or at Loft which is run by their father Garry.
I was politely told to move away from Mackenzie (by one of the other boys)
while he was preparing to cut the cake.
And of course when he cut the cake and touched the bottom
the boys all shouted that he had to kiss the closest girl!
Its really funny to watch Mackenzie get all embarrassed and interesting
to see the dynamics of the group now that they had female company.
Mackenzie had a great day and was thoroughly exhausted (as were his parents) by the end of it.
Needless to say he is already planning next years!


  1. Aw! What a cutie! Fantastic cake too!!

  2. Love the cake! Now you just have to top it for birthday number 12.....