Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Snowing in them thar hills!!!

We have had a bit of a cold snap in beautiful Tasmania and one of my lovely friends
 lives near Cradle Mountain and has allowed me to use her photo's for the blog!
They are under copyright and can only be used on written approval.
This is Mrs Scarlet in the snow!

This is Dave's cabin .... absolutely beautiful and will be up for holiday accomodation....
happy to put you in touch if you would like to take a break!

These are the snowy banks of Bull Creek which is also on the property......
isn't it beautiful..... and fantastic photography!

One of the bridges on Dave's property.

It is a lovely time of year and nice to be able to show you these great photo's ....
Thanks to Dru & Dave!


  1. how gorgeous is that place ..postcard perfect...i might be tempted ..will call to see you soon...

  2. No wonder my toes have been chilly!!!!

  3. Beautiful location, there sure is some nice country up that way.