Sunday, September 11, 2011

How good is this weather??

Launceston is turning it on at the moment 
- we are having lovely blue sky days.

With this beautiful weather people are starting to spring clean
 and it is amazing what they find in their cupboards!

Here is just some of the new items in store now.

c1820s English Mahogany Apprentice Chest

The Amateur Mechanic & Work Handbook
a bundle of 7 with amazing detail.

April 1941 Cavalcade with interesting War pictures

Early 1930/40s Ceramic Fairing Horse

Chalkware Pony

Copper & Brass Kettle

18th/19th Century Copper Kettle hand forged 
with dovetail joints and plenty of character

Early Copper Kettle with Dovetail joints

c1860s Copper & Brass Kettle made in 
Germany by Gebruder Bing, Nuenberg
1 L

Late 1800s Ginger Periodical - full of interesting 
and titillating, quirky stories and jokes
 with the odd bit of
erotic artwork (for the time) thrown in. 

Hudsons Soap advert pasted on
 to cardboard and in a frame.

Early 1900s Copper Tankard made by
 JS & S of Staffordshire, England
1 1/2 pints

Salt Weekly publications put out by the
 Australian Army & Airforce as an Education Journal.
There are 21 booklets from 1941 to 1945.

Locally sold Tasmanian Blackwood and Kauri Pine
 Expanding Coat Rack.
In excellent condition with George Hubbard,
 Launceston label on reverse.

Hope you have a great week and the weather stays as it is!


  1. love all of these.... you find such amazing pieces...any move on the cards yet????might have a bit of time now for a hot choc to you soon.

  2. Love the expanding hat rack, nice find.

  3. So many people, Tasmanians & otherwise, miss out on this sort of thing. Thank you so much for bringing them my way. :)