Thursday, September 8, 2011

Roll on Day Light Savings!

September is the start of lovely days, 
makes you thankful that Day Light Saving 
is just around the corner - can't wait!!

We have got some unusual bits in store..... 
here is just a taste!

Seagull Camera - can still be used with rolls of film.
Apparently takes lovely photo's and doesn't need batteries!
The viewer pops up - it is a more modern version
 of the box brownie.

With the viewer closed.

A weights box made for H Selby & Co Melbourne - 
they were Scientific Instrument Makers.
The box has a lovely patina.

Old Iron Horse Bit.

1964 Australia Cricket Coaching Manual

Australian made Plywood Yoyo in its original box.
Great condition with string!

Cast Iron Coat Hook

Small Cohns Tomato Juice bottle from the 1950's

Lovely Deco Solid Cast Dog Book Ends 

Old Porcelain Tap bits.

Deco Sterling Silver Brooch with 
2 x Victorian Sterling Silver Button Hooks.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

1 comment:

  1. Love those porcelain tap bits ... don't know why ... just loveeeeeelyyyy! Can't wait for the warm now too!